Saturday, October 1, 2005

October 2005

  • Pillow Palooza

    Current mood:devious
    Some might say that I have gone a little pillow crazy.  The some I am referring to would be my husband.  I decided to recover the pillows that he had on his couch which turned into me totally re-doing them and making them different pillows.  Then I felt the need to add some accent pillows.  They matched the large back pillows with the same fabric and all.  Too much of the same color, so I went back to the fabric store and bought a very masculine (I'm lying) patterned fabric to make some additional accent pillows to compliment the colors of the couch and the other pillows.  Well, I had some scraps of each fabric left over so I sewed them together and ended up making a combo pillow.  Have I gone too far with the pillows?  Are they not comfortable?  Do they not serve a purpose for that which needs to be pillow lain?  I think not.  Does it matter that I yell at Dan anytime he tries to actually use any of the pillows as pillows?  Has anyone ever heard of decorative pillows?  I think that I am going pillow crazy.....I need a job. 
    P.S. I love you Dan.....and you can use the pillows whenever you want.....just don't mess them up!  Haha.
  • Job hunt....job hunt.....job hunt

    Current mood:aggravated

    Looking for a job sucks.  I hate playing games....I hate the negotiations that take place.  I just want jobs to have sticker prices on them like clothes in a department store.  There is no haggling....the price is what it says.  Just tell me what you want to pay for a certain position and I'll tell you whether I am willing to work for that.  My husband likes to haggle, he'll try to get money knocked off the price of a pack of cigarettes or a yard of fabric at the fabric store, but not me.... I can't stomach it.  I wish that I were independently wealthy from some kind of random but totally useful invention like the swiffer.  Then I could do whatever I wanted.....I could find a fun and fulfilling job that paid next to nothing and it wouldn't matter.  Or I could volunteer all the time and give back to the community and not worry that my dogs were going to go without bones or chew toys.  I need a job.

  • I'm bored

    I am supposed to be doing something but I'm not sure what it is.  There is so much crap lying around the house, boxes, packing's overwhelming.  I wish that someone could unpack and clean everything up and I could just come home from running errands and it would all be done and our house would be livable.  I'm sick of the carpets being disgusting with doggie crumbs and crap that is tracked in from outside, but there are too many boxes and no room to vacuum.  I know that I need to be productive, but it's too much.  Maybe I'll put the videos away.  That's a start.

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