Saturday, September 1, 2007

September 2007

  • Trial by fire.....warning:blog containing poop

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    My poor darling daughter is getting in 4 molars!  When is the insanity of teething ever going to end?  I thought it would get better eventually but it has gotten significantly worse as each tooth rears it's ugly head!  Maddie is pooping fire.  Not literally, but it might as well be.  I guess the acid level in her saliva gets much higher when cutting teeth and molars are really difficult to cut.  The result is that she swallows all of this acid/fire saliva and then poops it out eventually, which results in the skin on her bum looking like it has caught on fire.  I can not keep up with it.  She is pooping like 6-7 times a day, but it's just little bits and mostly liquid and it is destroying her bum.  She now screams bloody murder when she needs her diaper changed and I don't blame her in the slightest.  Her poor little bum looks like raw hamburger meat and it's starting to bleed.  I've been letting her run around without a diaper for short periods of time for the past couple of days and just clean up the peeps when she makes it on the floor, but today she did a big messy diarreha all over her play area and that put an end to the pants free-ness.  I tried using a "cloth diaper" today and I think that it lets more air circulate to her bum, but I have to change her like every 30 minutes or so.  When I say "cloth diaper" I mean I am using one of those burp rags that look like cloth diapers and safety pinning the sides so that it will stay on.  It is totally impratical to do anything but stay at home while she is wearing one of these makeshift cloth diapers because they absorb like nothing and need to be changed we are house bound.  She has a normal diaper on tonight while she sleeps and about a gallon of Desitin extra strength night time formula on her bum, and hopefully it will look better tomorrow.  I'm going to continue to cloth diaper tomorrow so that air gets to the bum, but she isn't free to poop on my floors, and if I can't get in under control a little better I am going to take her to the Dr. and get this burn victim cream that our friend Gary told us about that we can use to heal her poor hanburger meat bum.  I feel so horrible for Maddie.....not only is she dealing with teething, but her tummy is all in an uproar because of the acid, and her butt looks like it has caught fire and I know that it is ridiculously painful!  Please keep us in your thoughts!  She has been in a foul mood (totally understandable) and I really want her bum to heal and for these teeth to just break through already!
  • The birthday party extravaganza

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    The big birthday party extravanza was this weekend and it went beautifully!  We had a few less people than we were expecting, but 13 adults and 6 kids is plenty.  I still can't get over how in this day and age with as much technology as we have, that people still don't take a minute to RSVP and let us know that they aren't coming......telephone, email, myspace comment, fax, text message, courier pidgeon.  Amazing. 
    All in all it was a wonderful day and we have a lot of left overs....mmmm.......tortellini salad and sandwiches!  Maddie had a good time playing with the other kids, she hated the fantastic birthday hat that I got her, LOVED gorging herself on cake and didn't really know what to make of the present opening.  She got a lot of wonderful gifts, and I now have no idea where to put it all.  I finally got organized with what we had pre-birthday and had a spot for everything, but now with more toys, I really don't know where I am going to put them all.  What a spoiled little monkey!  lol....I'm kidding.....kinda! 
    It was really nice that most of Dan's family was able to make it, although I wish they could have stayed longer, but everyone lives so far away.  boo.  My mom flew in last Thursday and was here for the birthday party and she flew home today.  I liked having her here, and the 5 day visit was a good amount of time.....not long enough to drive me crazy!  lol.  It's funny though, my mom wears this plumeria perfume from Hawaii and EVERYTHING in my house still smells like it, including my daughter.  I kinda like it!  It feels like she is still here even when she isn't.....I don't think the perfume will stick around long what with poopie diapers and dogs, but it was nice to have it lingering for today!
    I am super exhausted because I got like 2 hours of sleep last night.....couldn't tell ya why!  Attack of the lame sleeping problems!  Hopefully tonight will be a different story and I will slumber like a hibernating bear!  I have a new photo slide show on my page in honor of Maddie's birthday tomorrow.  Check it out and see how much my baby has changed over this year!
    We don't have much planned for the real birthday tomorrow, mostly just hanging out as a family, but Dan is taking Maddie on a date in the afternoon for lunch and maybe ice cream!  He is going to get dressed up, and I'm gonna pick out a cute dress for Maddie and they are going to spend some special Daddy/Maddie time.  We may have cake again tomorrow evening since we have a LOT of left over from the party this past weekend!  Fun fun.  Pictures are below!  Enjoy.

     eating her lunch

     Maddie's own little cake to devour!
     Aunt Hannah and Uncle Kellen
     opening presents
     she got a spoon and fork set.....she is trying to eat the spoon through the package!  lol
     the bows seemed to be more exciting than the actual present!

     I think it's cute how little kids congregate for present opening!
     she did NOT like this hat!

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