Sunday, January 1, 2006

January 2006


Current mood:happy
My best friend Stephanie came to visit me for a week.....from December 28th-January 4th!  It was so much fun.  We didn't really do anything in particular, but just got to spend a lot of great quality time together.  We finally had someone to use our guest room and now it feels so empty without her in it.  We tried very hard to convince her to move in with us.....maybe next year!  I am REALLY excited because while Steph was here she showed me how to use a diffuser (sp?) and we went out and bought me a new hair dryer with super cool attachments including a diffuser......which I must say makes my hair a fabulous huge mess.  If you thought I had curly hair before, wait till you see it diffused!!  Haha.  I also got a new addition to my body......a new tattoo.....on my's not huge, or even big, but it's cute and I've wanted it for a while.  I'm gonna get another tattoo to expand the butterfly on my back, but that is going to be a big/painful project, so I'll wait for a while on that.  Check out my pics if you want to see my new tattoo.  It was really fun to have Steph here when I got my tattoo, cause we always seem to be together when we do bodily harm to's a theme.  She left yesterday and I wish that she didn't.  I liked having her here to spend time with and laugh with.....we always have a good time together!!  So far, January has been a good month and I have a feeling that 2006 is going to be a crazy, wonderful, perfect year!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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