Saturday, April 1, 2006

April 2006

  • Baby kicks

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    I finally started feeling the baby move in my belly a little over a week ago.  I think that it had happened a few times before, but I wasn't able to tell if it was really the baby, or if it was just gas, or normal bodily functions......they do happen to us preggers.  I can understand why men would not want to go through pregnancy and childbirth, but this is one part of the process that I can't imagine any man would be glad not to go through.  IT"S AMAZING!!!!  I can't even explain it other then in jest telling Dan that it feels like a fish is flopping around in my belly.  She moves around at really random times and at this stage it is always a pleasant surprise.  I tell Dan that she's on the move and he runs over and puts his head on my belly hoping to hear her moving about, or feel something through my belly......I keep explaining that I can barely feel her and that it will be a few more months before he will be able to feel anything from the outside, but every time she moves, he tries.  He did say that he heard her one day, but I think all he really heard was me digesting food.  I'll let him believe whatever he wants though!  Haha.
    I now know that I'm having a gril, I can now feel her move around, but it still hasn't fully sunk in.  And maybe it won't until I'm as huge as an elephant, or even until she is in my arms.  I look at my belly now and although it has gotten bigger (against my wishes) I still can't believe that there is a baby inside of it......I can't see her, or hear's still bizarre to me.  The ultrasounds help, but I wish I could have one every month to see what she is up to and how she is progressing.  Alas, I'll just have to be patient (if you know me at all, you know that I am NOT patient!) maybe I'll get another ultrasound before I deliver!  Until then my stomach is growing and so is the baby inside.
  • IT"S A.........

    When we saw her today in the ultra sound, she was head down, and face down, but butt up and legs open so it was pretty easy for everyone to tell what her sex was.  Even before the ultrasound technician said what her sex was, I said...."It's a girl."  I could just tell from the picture. 
    Dan and I are so super excited.  I was really sure that it was going to be a boy and I thought for sure we would be coming home and calling my belly Jack, but boy (no pun intended) was I wrong.  So, unless we come up with some other super fantastic name, we are naming her Madeline and we're still working on the middle name.  For those of you who have a Madeline, we're not stealing your name......I've liked that name since I was a young it's really a compliment. 
    I am really tired so, I need to get to bed but I will have my baby girl dancing in my head all night long.  It still hasn't sunk in yet that I have a baby girl growing in my belly, but I'm sure it will sink in as I start buying little dresses and pink things!  Good night.
  • Tomorrow is THE DAY

    Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!  I go with my parents and Dan to the doctor at 2:00 and hopefully we'll find out what the sex of the baby is!  I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.  I'll give everyone an update as soon as I can.  Keep us in your thoughts and pray that the little bugger doesn't have his/her legs closed.
    Later gator!

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