Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 2007

  • Random dinner musings

    Current mood:content
    Tonight I am cooking split pea soup for dinner.  It is the first time I have ever attempted split pea soup and I am very nervous about it.  It smells good simmering on the stove, so hopefully it all turns out well.  I love the crisp weather we have been enjoying cause it gets me in the mood to make soup, and that is always fun.  I am also making dessert tonight which is not normal in our family.....peach cobbler.  And, it's gonna be from scratch!  I don't know why I keep blogging about food, other than the fact that I am pregnant and it makes me super excited about the food that I cook and consequently EAT!!
    Maddie is doing well.  I need to take some time and write a little blog about her.  She is getting so Dan and I took her to the park, and she figured out how to climb the stairs of the play structure on her own, without getting down on her knees.  She just held onto the lower part of the railing and walked up the stairs one by one.  It was really amazing to watch, and after she figured that out, she didn't want to have anything to do with us helping her up the stairs.  I often look at her and forget that she is only 14 months old.  She is so big in size and she just acts like such a grown up girl.  There is a little boy who's parents are in our bible study and he is 2 weeks older than Maddie, and he looks and acts like he is at least 3 months younger than Maddie.  Everyone was shocked to find out that she was actually younger than him.  Weird.  Well, I better be off, soups almost on, and I have a baby to get ready for bed.  Here's a couple pics of what Maddie likes to do while Mama is busy cooking dinner!

  • Chicken soup for my soul

    Current mood:sick
    I think I have the flu.  And I think that Maddie has whatever I have because we are a sad couple of ladies.  I honestly haven't had more than a cold for years!!  I had a fever last night and was hot but had the chills at the same time, I also feel horribly achy and have had a non-stop headache.  I got very little sleep last night because I was so hot, and poor Dan had to deal with the window being open for his pregnant sick wife when it was in the 30's.....he froze.  lol   When I got Maddie up this morning I was very light headed and felt like I was going to pass out.
    I've been trying to rest as much as possible today, but that isn't so easy with a sickie poo toddler to take care of.  Dan came home from work a bit early and is currently making me home made chicken noodle soup.  It smells delicious and I can't wait till it is done.  My hubby is the best!  I just hope I wake up tomorrow and feel 100% better cause being sick sucks.
  • Eeeew......not AGAIN!!!

    Current mood:frustrated
    I was lying on the couch this morning with Maddie watching our wake up cartoons and something moving near the entertainment center catches my eyes.  Yup, that's right.....we freaking fracking have mice again!  I HATE mice, loathe them, despise them.  They creep me out in a way that not much else does.  So, I watch this little mouse scurry around the speaker in our living room, around the corner and into the kitchen where I lost his trail since I was snuggling with my daughter and also frozen in fear!  lol
    I was telling Dan the other day that I thought I saw a mouse run across our bedroom floor while I was going potty, and I think that Tyson saw it too, because his eyes followed exactly where mine did and then he continued to stare off to one side of the room where I couldn't see from my seat on the throne.  So, not only is the little bugger in my living room and kitchen, but he and maybe more of his nasty little mouse relatives are in my bed room too!  And on another note, why don't my dogs chase after them?  Why don't they at least try and protect me from the evil mice?  Tyson seriously just stood there like.....hey, there goes a mouse......weird.  Stupid dog.  He should at least bark at the mouse!  It's an intruder.
    I just really feel like my house is contaminated now.  I have no idea what the mice are getting into, but I know that Maddie gets into everything and the thought of mouse poops and peeps and my daughter anywhere near it makes me sick.  Also, knowing that there is for sure a mouse in the house I can not relax.  I scan the floor of every room I go into every time.  I have a mini panic attack when I open cabinets wondering if a mouse is going to jump out at me, and like eat my face or something.  I know these fears are irrational, but I really really hate mice and I can't help but get a tad hysterical.  The getting rid of the mice isn't any better a scenerio.  Dan sets traps which snap their little necks and cause them the leak their inner goo and blood which is so not sanitary in any way.  I really hate this.  I never had even one mouse when I lived in that because I lived in the city and not out in the middle of nowhere country town?  We need to MOVE!!!!  Waa aaa aaa, Waaaa aa.
    Not my mouse, but still an EVIL MOUSE!!

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