Sunday, June 1, 2008

June 2008

  • famous schmamous

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    It's amazing how much celebrity news you can miss out on when you don't check the blogs for a couple weeks.  Apparently Jamie Lynn Spears has delivered her baby girl, and annoyingly she has named her Maddie.  Dontcha hate when famous people name their kids the same name that your kid has?  Because inevitably someone is going to meet my Maddie and think that I named her after Jamie Lynn's kid.....even though my Maddie is almost 2 years older.  Hmph.
    In other celebrity new......while my parents were here last week I was watching mindless TV a.k.a keeping up with the Kardashians and my dad informed me that we are in fact related to the Kardashian family.  Yep, I share blood lines with the bubble butted spoiled brat Kim Kardashian and family.  I guess my great grandma's sister had 3 kids a girl who no one remembers the name of, and two boys, one named Art and one named Robert.  Art had a son whom he named Robert (Kardashian) who was the father of the Kardashian girls.  So, it's not the most direct of relations, but it is definitely there.  I wonder if they would accept me with open arms if I showed up on their door step?  I'm guessing no.  But maybe I'll try and extort some money outta them....goodness knows Kim Kardashian has enough moola floating around after the settlement from her "adult movie." lol 
    Well, thats all I have to share for now.  Oh, and Charlotte weighed 13.5 pounds yesterday!!  My chunky monkey.
  • My first morning alone (pics included)

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    Today is my first day taking care of two kids all by myself.  My parents left yesterday morning, but Dan was off so I had him around all day.  I am officially out numbered!!  So far things have gone well.  It seems that Charlotte is starting to get herself on a schedule which actually works for me.  Yesterday she took a nap from 6:00 to 7:30 which gave me enough time to feed Maddie and give her a shower (her first shower ever!) then Maddie went to bed at 8:00, Charlotte nursed until 9:00 and then she went to bed too.  She still wakes up at night, but the chunks of sleep are getting longer.  Charlotte woke up at 6:30 this morning, Maddie was up at 6:50.  Maddie drank her milk in our bed while I nursed Charlotte and we all watched Blue's Clues.  I got Maddie her breakfast (banana and donut holes left over from yesterday) while Charlotte fussed off and on.  8:15 Charlotte fell asleep and I put her down in the co-sleeper which gave me time to get ready (I have a chiropractor appt this morning...should be interesting with 2 kids!) and now I am blogging.  Charlotte is still asleep almost 45 minutes now, and next I will get Maddie dressed and get the diaper bag stocked up.  I feel like I am doing relatively well for my first morning alone, and the fact that I am daring to venture out all on my own is big too!
    Things have been going well overall.  I have good days and bad days.....mostly good days.  I get stressed at times when I feel like I am juggling too many balls all at once, or when I don't get enough sleep.  I'm going to try not to nap during the day anymore becuase it makes it harder for me to fall asleep at night, and since Charlotte is sleeping so well at night I don't want to waste precious sleeping time lying awake because I napped.  Maddie is slowly getting past her naughty for attention stage although she almost broke my glasses this morning, but I don't think she was trying to get attention....she just wanted to wear them, and of course I was nursing so it wasn't the quickest response on my part.  I know that she has had a lot of fun with my mom and dad here.....she discovered corn on the cob, played in the rain and went on walks every evening!  I know that she will miss grandma and grandpa, but we bought web cams while they were here and so she'll be able to talk to them and see them on the computer.
    Charlotte is getting really big.  Dan and I measured her last night and she is 23.5 inches long.  She has grown 2 inches in 4 weeks.  I will try and weigh her at my chiro appt this morning and see if she has gained any....although she feels like she has!  For right now we have decided not to go to the doctor for the well baby check ups which is why we have been weighing and measuring Charlotte ourselves.  The only thing they do at the doctors office is weigh and measure her and ask me how things are going.  I know things are going fine, she is growing like a weed and the only thing they get from the well baby check ups is SICK from other sick kids germs!  When my girls are sick, we'll go to the doctor.....until then we are gonna measure them at home and weigh them at places that have scales like my chiropractor and friend's houses. 
    Well, I best be off.  My back needs to be attended to. Later gators!

  • Hurry up and blog

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    Okay, so I have a minute.....literally a minute! lol  I wish that I could get on and blog more, but it's a seriously low priority right now.  All in all things are going well.  I have a pretty easy baby on my hands.  I remember at 3 weeks Maddie started this crying from 5-9 in the evening thing for 3 or 4 weeks and was impossible to console.....Charlotte hastn't started anything like that so I'm guessing that it isn't going to happen, and I'm pretty sure that since she will be 4 weeks tomorrow, we have also passed the period when colic starts!  Yeah for us!!  Everything is about nursing and sleeping, and pooping I guess.  Charlotte might have slightly immature intestines because pooping is quite an ordeal, and she cries whenever it's that time.  I can't believe how chubby the girl is getting.....Dan weighed himself while holding her, and then weighed himself without holding her and it seems that last week when she was 3 weeks old, she weighed 11.5 pounds!  Holy cow!  Breast milk is good for babies! lol
    I am not in such top form.  I had a problem with my back right at the end of pregnancy where a shooting pain went down my left leg.  I had bad back laobr while delivering Charlotte and the shooting pain went away for about 2 weeks while my tail bone hurt.  Well, the tail bone pain went away and now the lower back pain and shooting pain down my leg is back and I can barely walk at times.  I've been going to a chiropractor for a little over a week now and am feeling a bit better every visit, but after doing x-rays of my pelvis and back we've discovered that I have 2 fractures in my last vertebrae, an uneven pelvis, a bulging disc and my spine has a slight curve to the right.  My doc thinks that some of these problems I've had since I was young, and some were caused or at least irritated by two pregnancies and child births in 21 months.  So, I may have a lot of work ahead of me to get what I can back to normal.  But for now it hurts to sit, and lay and walk and stand.....pretty much everything hurts without Advil!
    Maddie is doing well although she is still testing us.  Yesterday she got into our potato bin and threw potatoes all over the kitchen and living room.  It was kinda funny so she didn't get in trouble, but it's things like that she is trying to get attention with.  We have been working with time out a lot more consistently and it seems to be working.  We'll see.  My mom is here through Tuesday and I have really been enjoying her company and help!  I don't know what I'm going to do without her.  Right now she is working on making new cushions for our couch....we bought new pillows and fabric and I am so excited to see how they turn out.  She is also making Maddie a cute little sundress, I love that she is so good with a sewing machine. 
    Well, I really do need to go.  Dan is harassing me about getting off the computer so he can go outside and wash the cars.  If I want a clean car I better sign off.  Till next time.....whenever that may be.
  • Happy Father’s Day

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    You are a hero for two little girls.  You read stories and make forts out of blankets and pillows.  You provide bath time entertainment with boat sounds and made up songs.  You are the king of cuddly couch napping.  You are the tickle monster, the pusher of swings, and the one who gives rides on your shoulders.  You get smiles first thing in the morning, and tears when you walk out the front door.  You are comfort and love and so much more.  God has blessed us with our little girls, but they are the ones who are truly blessed to have a Daddy and friend like you! 
    Happy Father's Day!!

  • Comparison

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    I was going through some new pictures that I have of Charlotte and noticed that there was one outfit that she was wearing that Maddie wore at about the same age and so I decided to post the pics so I could see the difference between my girls.
     This is Maddie at 4 weeks old
     This is Charlotte at almost 3 weeks old. 
    I had thought when Charlotte was first born that she looked somewhat like Maddie, but the more she grows and fills out I'm realizing that she looks nothing like her sister.....well, occasionally when she is sleeping she looks like her, but thats it.  Well, thats all I have time for.....the little one is crying to be fed and the big one is crying because it is nearly bedtime and I am on the computer.  No free time for Mama anymore!  lol  Peace out!

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