Thursday, June 1, 2006

June 2006

  • I need a man!!

    Current mood:stressed
    My husband is still in Denmark and it has become painfully obvious to me that I NEED a man in my life.  I'm going to believe that it's only because I am pregnant, but I don't know if it's true.....and it makes me wonder how I survived without a man for so long.
    I have asked the UPS guy to bring a package inside the house instead of leaving it on the front porch because it was too heavy to lift, I had my next door neighbor, Kevin carry a toy box/bench from my car to the house because it was too heavy.....Kevin also mowed our lawn on Saturday and now I have a problem that is so gigantic I don't think that Kevin will bail me out......we have a MOUSE in the house!!!  Or maybe mice, I don't know how many there really are.  Now for those of you who don't know me, I can handle bugs, I can handle spiders and even most reptiles, but I CAN NOT HANDLE RODENTS!!!!  They just totally gross me out.....their icky tails, bulging eyes, dirty little feet that scamper across my floor!  Yuck!!  ?Thank God I have not actually seen one yet, but there is mouse poopie in the cabinet under our kitchen sink, and on the floor of our pantry and there has been some on the kitchen counter and in our bathroom.  I don't know what I'm going to do, but I can not wait until Dan gets home to get rid of them.  I want them all to die right this minute, it grosses me out that I am living in a house with a mouse (the rhyming was not intentional)
    I'm going to have to get traps or something but I think that I might just die if I have to deal with a dead mouse in a trap!  Please pray for me to have the strength to deal with these nasty rodents and pray for the souls of the mcie that are about to die.....dumb mice, they should just stay out in the field and eat plants and crap and not come into my you have to be punnished!
    Come home Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Why pregnant women should not be left alone while their husbands are in Denmark

    Current mood:okay
    I know....long title.....but there really was nothing better suited.
    So, Dan left for Denmark today for 2 weeks and I have been left alone to fend for my pregnant self.  I had a pretty good day even though it was freaking hot....and I got a LOT of baby shopping done.  While I was at walmart buying baby shampoo I decided to pick up something for dinner.  I found a yummy looking mexican lasagna and headed home.  I put off making dinner right away and got trapped on the internet in baby websites and then went over and spent some time with my neighbors......I know this is getting long, but hang in there.
    I get home from next door around 8:00 and decide that I am ready for dinner.  I pull out the lasagna and read the directions and realize that I need to bake it for over an hour!!  I decide to go for it since I don't want to make anything else, so I pre-heat the oven and stick the mexican lasagna in.  40 minutes into the cooking I am supposed to pull the lasagna out and tear the film off the top.  I get my oven mitts out and pull the bad boy this time it's almost 9:00 and I am VERY hungry.  I tear off the film and go to put the lasagnae back in the oven for another 30 minutes, I bend over and am almost to the rack when the paper-ish dish it is cooking in wobbles and FALLS FACE DOWN on the BOTTOM of the OVEN!!!!  There is Mexican lasagna all over the rack, all over the heating element, all over the bottom of the oven and the inside of the door!!!!  Imedately the lasagnae on the heating element starts to cook/burn and smoke begins to fill my kitchen.  I turn the oven off, turn the fan on and grab two spatulas to try and scrape the lasagna off the oven.  I get about 3/4 of it off and stick it in the paper-ish tray (imagine a pile of lasagna mess)  I know that I need to try and clean the oven up as best as I can, but I'm REALLY hungry by this time and decide to try and finish cooking the lasagna in the microwave.  I stick it in for 20 minutes and go back to the oven with an entire roll of paper towels.  I sop up a lot of mess and get most of it off the heating element but decide to finish the rest tomorrow when I am less tired and when the oven is less FREAKING HOT.  I pull open the drawer below the oven to clean up a little bit of lasagna that got on it, and inside the drawer all of our baking pans and cookie sheets were covered with lasagnae!!  It had snuck down to the drawer!  I ended up having tp pull all of the baking stuff out and clean them by hand.
    Now you may be thinking that my story couldn't get much worse, but it does.  The lasanga finishes cooking for the 20 minutes I put it in the microwave for and I get it out and the lasagna noodles look like fried corn tortillas......I totally OVERCOOKED it and it was pretty rubbery looking.  Did I eat it anyway?  Hell yeah I did.  By this time it is 10:00 and that is WAY past the acceptable time for a pregnant woman to be eating dinner.  I would have eaten my hand.  Despite it being rubbery and there being small black bits that tasted like burnt plastic (probaby from the spatulas burning in the oven) it wasn't half bad.  Will I save the 3/4 of the lasagna that I did not eat for tonight?  Hell NO!!!! 
    Moral of the story.....pregnant women should not be left alone while their husbands are in Denmark!  I miss you already honey......hopefully the house won't be burned down when you return!
  • Vet rantings

    Current mood:pissed off
    So, there is no question that Dan and I love our dogs.  They are fun to have around and give us unconditional love.  We also want whats best for them which is why we buy the most expensive holistic food we can and always have fun raw hides and chews for them.  But, there is only so far our love for them can go, and today the boundry was challenged.  We took them both to the vet for their anual check ups and shots and since we moved, we tried a new vet office.  We spent about an hour and a half there and talked forever with the vet who would not stop talking although he didn't look either of us in the eye for some reason.  Tyson and Henry both got 4 shots and Henry was tortured and got his nails trimmed......we didn't get any meds, or prescriptions.......when we checked out I joked with Dan that it was going to cost $300.00 and he said no, it would be around $150.00.  Well, we got our total and nearly pooped in our pants....................$390.00!!!!!!!  Now, I know some people may think that it's not that bad and they are our dogs and pets cost money and blah blah blah, well those people should shove it up their pie holes......three hundred and ninety dollars for freaking shots?????  We so got ripped off and taken advantage of.  I feel sick to my stomach and want to just give the vet our dogs as payment.....seriously......has anyone ever heard of a vet being that expensive?  They are our babies, but strip the cute names away and they are JUST FREAKING DOGS!!!!!  I am NEVER again going to the Clayton Animal Hospital and I will discourage others from going there to for as long as I live.  Death to vets who rip off the common working folk.......they SUCK! 
    I'm sorry if I have offended anyone but I am furious.  No, actually I'm not sorry......if I've offended you then it's your fault for reading my blog.  Have a good day.

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