Sunday, April 1, 2007

April 2007

  • No time for blogging

    Current mood:happy
    I feel like I don't have time to blog anymore.  Something cool will happen in our lives and I think to myself that I should blog about it, but I never get around to it.  I think it really comes down to the fact that I am living my life which leaves little time for things that don't matter.  Not that blogging is a waste of time......I find it theraputic and I still love reading other people's blogs, but instead of sitting at the computer in the evening (like I am doing right now) I spend time with my husband....if ya know what I mean......(sorry Ang) or I do things around the house.  Same with the time I have during the day when Maddie is napping.  I've been reading, and doing laundry and making baby food.  I would like to be able to blog more, but I think that the lack of time to do so is a good thing for me because it means that my life is full which works out pretty well for a stay at home looney bin patient.....I mean mom.
    We did have an exciting event this weekend.  We left Maddie overnight for the first time.  We went to visit some family friends nearby and Dan's mom a.k.a gramma was there and she offered to keep the baby overnight.....or maybe I asked, it's all a blur now!  But after lots of discussion Dan and I agreed that it was a fantastic idea and we drove off into the sunset sans baby.  I cried in the car for about 2 minutes and then was totally fine.  We had a nice evening alone and made big plans that included take out and watching a movie super loud.  All you parents of little ones out there know that watching TV at high volumes doesn't happen anymore once the baby arrives, so being able to do so was fantastic......and I'm sure that Dan loved that I wasn't asking him, "What did she just say," every few minutes.  I swear I'm deaf.  So thank you to Gramma who gave us the night off.  We wouldn't have trusted her to anyone else, and we're glad we could give you some bragging rights.
    I would love to blog about Maddie and how terrific she is right now, but honestly there is just way too much to say......I'll have to devote a whole seperate blog to that, but I will say this; she is the greatest kid ever.  She is growing so fast and amazes us every single day.  I think that she is hilarious and she keeps me laughing all day long.  I am so blessed to have her!  Thats all for now.
    I will try and find a happy medium between the real world and cyber world and really try to fit some blogging in for my loyal readers.  I love blogging.....I just love my husband more....wink wink.  (again sorry.)  Hahahahaha.
    Till next time...........Live the good life.
  • Youtube.....huh?

    Current mood:bored
    I had never been to the Youtube website before but I was reading Zach Braff's blog and he mentioned a particular video so I went and checked it out.  The video was okay, but I thought why not play around on Youtube for a bit.....the baby is asleep and Dan is I checked it out.  Honestly, I don't get it.  I don't understand why people think it's so funny, there are just a lot of videos of normal people doing normal stuff.....whats so funny?  Maybe someone out there can explain it to me, or send me links to super funny videos or something, but based on the most viewed videos for today that I looked at.....I think that Youtube is dumb.  That's all.
  • The good news

    Current mood:happy
    Dan got a HUGE promotion at work!  We pretty much knew it was coming because his boss told him last week, but it was announced and confirmed today!  He is now a Process Specialist for Novo Nordisk.  There were 8 positions and everyone else they hired had more experience and had been with the company for a lot longer and Dan was still offered the job because he kicks butt!  I am so proud of him!  We had worried when he interviewed that he might have to work nights (insulin making happens during all 24 hours of the day), but they offered him a day position and we are stoked.  This new job means more money which is always wonderful and a happier husband because it will be a position that he anticipates enjoying more.  This is a fantastic opportunity and an awesome accomplishment for Dan.  He is proving to be a huge asset to his company and it's fantastic that they recognize it!  If you have the time, give him a little woot woot, I know he will appreciate it. 
    Good job honey!  I love you!  Congratulations!
  • The ban on alcohol

    Current mood:exhausted
    There will be no more cocktail hour.....or celebritory drinking in the Schultz house because I have now put a ban on alcohol.....for my own good.  I know that I am not an alcoholic, for sure, so no worries there.  BUT, last night Dan and I drank a bottle of champagne to celebrate something that I can't tell anyone about right now (no, I'm not pregnant) I drank a tad bit more than he did and then had the fantastic idea that since I was feeling pretty good we should open up a bottle of wine....what would it hurt right?  So, we consume a bottle of champagne and a bottle of wine in about 3 hours.....I was having a grand old time laughing, had been such a LONG time since I was buzzed like that.  Dan suggests we get to bed because I'm going to regret staying up late if we don't and all of a sudden it hits me.....I am ridiculously DRUNK.  Staggering around, fuzzy headed, bumping into things, queasy stomach....DRUNK.  Dan helps me into bed....God bless him for having a higher alcohol resistance....but within 10 minutes I am hugging the toilet and depositing most of what I drank into the porcelain tank.  I felt better instantly, brushed my teeth and climbed back into bed.  I didn't feel good enough to keep me from throwing up again about 15 minutes later, but after that episode I promptly fell asleep until about 4:00 am when I woke up wide awake and here I am. 
    This is off topic, but everytime I have ever drank, and I mean a significant amount of alcohol....which used to happen all the time in my single days in San Diego, I would ALWAYS wake up the next morning around 4:00 totally awake and unable to fall back to sleep.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Is it because I am dehydrated or something similar?  It's really annoying, Dan can fall asleep after drinking and sleep for days, but I always pop up awake at 4:00.  Anyway....
    After last night I am not interested in drinking for a very long time.  No more cocktail hour in our house anymore.  And especially no more wine....which sucks because someone I know has a birthday coming up in a couple days and it would be nice to have a sapporo or glass of wine with sushi tomorrow night but I honestly don't think that I can stomach it.  lol.  Oh well.  And by the way.....e-mail me if you need my address to send my birthday presents.  I'm also registered at Bed Bath and Beyond for your convienience.....what?  A girl can't register for her birthday?  lol.  I'm kidding, I'm not registered, but I do accept presents of all kinds.  hahahahahaha  hahaha hahahahah!!!
  • The new face

    Current mood:chipper
    Madeline has a new face that she makes and it cracks me up.  For a while I couldn't figure out how she learned it, but then it was pointed out to me that I make the exact same face when I am showing my excitement for something.  Like mother like daughter I suppose.  She now makes the face anytime she wants if I'm holding a toy or a cup or pretty much anything and she wants it she sports the new face.  Wadda you think?

  • cocktail hour

    Current mood:content
    I've brought cocktail hour to our house.  My week has been a long one and I thought cocktails were in order.  If I say that we've had drinks every night for the past 3 nights does that make us alcoholics?  Cause we have, but only one or two each night.  It's kinda fun to use our cocktail shaker and bar would be made better if we actually had people other than Dan and I present for our cocktail hour.  Some friends maybe?  Dan is always good company, so I don't mind that we only have a party of two.  But the drinks are yummy and they take the edge off of a stressful week.  Cheers.
  • Fussy baby and weekend blah

    Current mood:crazy
    I thought that being home would be nice and relaxing.  Boy was I wrong.  The little one has been in a bad mood basically since we arrived.  She is fussy from the time she gets up in the morning which is weird because the mornings are usually really good with her and she stays fussy until bedtime.  She has also been wanting to sleep a lot.  I don't really understand what is going on.  I thought that maybe she was teething again, but there doesn't seem to be any evidence of it in her mouth, I also thought that maybe she was having bowel problems but she pooped twice I just don't know.  Maybe she's sick.....but there isn't any coughing or sneezing, or congestion.  I really dislike this part of being a parent....having a fussy child who seems to be struggling with something and not having a clue as to what is wrong.  I told Dan last night that I wish babies would change color or something when they are teething cause then I would know for sure.  Yep....she's purple she is for sure teething and then I wouldn't feel like a bad mother for giving her some tylenol for the pain.  At this point I don't even know if she is in pain, but I do know that she is not happy and nothing I do is making her happy.  She doesn't want to play with toys, she doesn't want to sit in her vibrating chair, she doesn't want to eat, she doesn't want to play in her exersaucer......all she wants to do is be held by me, but she doesn't even really want that cause when I'm holding her she squirms and flails around and fusses.  Since we've gotten home, I haven't even been able to use the restroom without her crying.  I walk out of the room just to grab something really quickly and she cries because she can't see me.  She has been sooo clingy.  The clingy-ness started in California and for the first week she wouldn't let anyone but me hold her, but I just thought that it was because we were in a new place with strange people and that it would go away....but now we're home where everything is familiar and she is still doing it.  She doesn't even want Dan to put her to bed at night and cries.  I'm really hoping that this is a phase.....a short phase because it's hard being alone with her all day and then when my backup gets home still being the only one that she wants holding her.  Dan has Monday and Tuesday off, so hopefully with him being around a lot more she will get over whatever is bothering her right now.
    Speaking of Dan's days off.....he has finally gone into shift work and has his new super duper schedule and frankly I hate it.  I'm sure that it will be nice to have him home more during the week, but when he does work it is 13 hours of me being alone with the baby and by 5:00 I start counting down the minutes until he gets home.  It is such a long day and it pushes dinner back pretty late and by the time we eat and get the baby to bed it is already 9:30 and basically time for us to get to bed as well because Dan has to get up at 5:00 every work day morning.  There really isn't any down time or relaxation or quality time spent together.  It bites.  I knew that this new schedule was coming and we've even dealt with it in the past, but it is much harder now with the baby.  I guess it will just take some time to get used to it and hopefully it will seem easier as time goes by.  This weekend is the first weekend that Dan has had to work and it stinks because I usually get excited over it being the weekend but it is just like any other's weird......everyone else has the weekend and we do not.  Blah.  Okay, enough whining from me.  I hope today gets better and that I don't officially go crazy from being cooped up in the house on a rainy day with the fussiest baby alive.  Prayers are always welcome!
  • May God smite Chicago

    Current mood:cranky
    I should be on a flight right now from Orange County to Chicago, but I'm not.  Due to poor weather conditions in Chicago my flight was canceled.  Yippee....totally sarcastic.  Now I am on a new flight through Dallas Fort Worth and I don't leave until 11:40.  That sucks big time because it puts me in Raleigh at 9:30 pm instead of 7:20.  Gotta love weather delays.  Blah.  Why is it snowing in mid April anyway?
    So I got up at the butt crack of dawn this morning (5:30) for no reason but on the bright side, Maddie is taking a nap right now and she probably would not have slept well on the airplane.  I was contemplating a little nap, but I've already had 2 cups of extremely strong coffee to wake me up and I don't think that I could fall asleep even if I tried.  Wonderful.  What to do now?  Blog?  Sure.
    I can't believe that my trip is over and that I am going home.  Two weeks really flew by....I'm thinking that next spring I'll make my trip 3 weeks or even a month because things were still so incredibly busy that I didn't get a lot of time to just relax which is what I was looking forward to.  My mom left this morning to take my grandma to the Dr. and so we said our was really sad.  We both cried even though I was really hoping that we wouldn't.  I knew that living on the other side of the country would be difficult when I had babies, but I didn't think it would be this hard.  I really wish that we were closer so that my mom could be around the baby more and see her on a more regular basis.  The next time we see my family will be June which is only 2 and a half months away, but Maddie will be so different then just like she was so different this time from the last trip in Novemeber.  There are so many things that Grammy misses out on because we live so far away.  As soon as they offer to buy us a house in California, we'll get a u-haul and move right away.  lol.  That is never gonna happen.  Haha.  All in all I am ready to go home.  I'm ready to see my husband and to sleep in my own bed and I'm super ready to get Maddie back on her old schedule....everything was thrown out of wack with the time change and the sleeping situtation.  And as always, I feel like a I need another mini vacation from this vacation.  Dan has tomorrow off and has promised me that I can sleep the day away if I choose and he will take over baby duty.  We'll see how that goes, cause as much as I would love to sleep all day, I love my baby and couldn't imagine spending the whole day sleeping instead of playing with her. 
    Well, the next time you hear from me will be from the comfort of my own home and my high speed internet.  Wish us luck on our flight and pray there are no more delays.....if it starts snowing in Dallas I may go ballistic!  lol.
  • I don't wanna.......(in my best whiney voice)

    Current mood:lazy
    Today is my last day here in beautiful California and although I am more than ready to go home, I seriously don't want to pack.  I don't know how I manage to do this, but every time I come out here I end up with WAY more than I arrived with.  I have so much stuff to take home with me that my mom has given me a HUGE duffel bag to stuff everything into and drag back home.  Oh joy.  I had a semi shopping spree while here....oh lets face it, it was a full on shopping I have a ton of clothes for myself and Maddie to bring home, I have 2 Easter baskets with Easter loot including books, picture frames, plastic eggs, rubber balls, stuffed animals.  I also went through a bunch of stuff that my mom has in her garage from a friend of her's that died in September and I picked out some silk flowers, picture frames, lots of markers and art supplies, Dr. Suess books, kitchen aprons....etc.  So much stuff!  I am excited over my newly accuired stuff, but I seriously don't know how I am going to get it all stuffed into my luggage and just the thought of packing gives me a headache!  Right now would be the perfect time to have a personal assistant who I could order to pack for me.  Maybe I can enlist my mom's help....she can be my assistant!  lol.  Okay, well enough procrastinating.....I need to start tackling this monster.  Wish me luck....oh and I posted a few pics from the trip....enjoy!
  • On a happier note

    Current mood:excited
    My parent's 40th wedding anniversary is coming up this June and our whole family gets to celebrate with them because they are taking everyone to Hawaii!!  I am sure that it will be a crazy trip, but I am really looking forward to it.  Hawaii will be fantastic even if I have to share the island with my dysfunctional family.  Sooo, I am working on a present for my parent's big anniversary and really enjoying it.  I am going to have a book made for them with pictures of their life together.....from when they were 16 and dating until now.  I've spent the last couple of days sneakily searching through old photo albums while my parents were not home and pulling out photos that I think will be good in the book.  It has been a lot of fun strolling down memory lane and I am excited to go get all of the pictures scanned to a disk today.  It's amazing how different life seems when looking at my past through photos.  Everyone smiling, family trips, big events, love.  If only we could live everyday as if it were a photo.  I guess that would make life fake though because there are quite a few pictures with very obviously pasted on smiles.  Fake happiness for a picture.....fake happiness for life.....doesn't sound great in that context.  Wish me luck with scanning.....knowing my luck, I'll probably break the machine.  lol
  • words?

    Current mood:disappointed
    Words aren't coming to me.  Normally I don't have a problem with words, but tonight my mind is all over the place and I can not seem to concentrate on any one train of thought.  I can say this; it is not a slight thing when you find out that someone you love does not trust you.  I feel sick.  I don't understand why all of these crappy things keep happening.  Part of me wants to fly back home today and part of me wants to stay here, maybe for longer.  I am in a perpetual state of mania from lack of sleep.  I wish that I was a bear and that it was winter again so that I could hibernate.  That would be lovely.
  • Think twice before taking your infant to the ER

    Current mood:awake
    ......unless it is aparent that something is SERIOUSLY wrong.  We arrived in Cali on Wednesday and Thursday morning Maddie woke up with two red little bumps one on top of the other on her left cheek.  They looked like bug bites....maybe a spider.  She seemed fine and so we didn't do anything about it.  Friday she developed a rash on her tummy, back, arms and her knees, the red "bites" seemed to be getting better and kinda looked like they were scabbing up.  We decided to take her to urgent care just to have someone check it out and make sure everything was fine.  I called my insurance in NC and they gave me a couple of urgent care locations that we could take her to that would be covered by insurance.  We piled in the care and went to the first location where they informed us that they could not help us because I am out of state and they do not accept HMOs.  (my husband has an HMO through work, but it is an open access plan so we can see any doctor, and see any specialist we want and do not need, overall very good NC) We drove to the second location and were told the exact same room in the seriously made me feel like a leper and I was wondering what the point was of even having insurance if no one would accept it.  So, we drove to a pharmacy since it was now 6:30 and the pharmacist said the rash looked like an allergic reaction to something....either the bug bite, or I the organic apple juice I gave Maddie for the first time.  She reccomended we give her some benadryl and use some cort-aide cream on the rash, but that we needed to check with her pedi on the benadryl dosage.  Called her doc in NC (after hours service) and he said 1/2 teaspoon.  Gave her the benadryl before bed and everything seemed okay.  She did not sleep well that night though and wimpered a lot and wanted to cuddle next to me most of the night. 
    The next morning....Saturday we got up and she seemed fine and the rash looked like it was going away.  We decided to go to the swap meet and have some fun outdoors.  I lathered her up in sunscreen, stuck a hat on her head and she stayed in the stroller the whole time with the canopy covering her from the sun.  When we got home from the swap meet I told my mom that her head felt hot, but the rest of her body was cool....she felt her and didn't think it was a big deal.  Later in the afternoon her head still felt hot so we decided to take her her hiney.  It was 102.  We kinda freaked out and since we couldn't see a Dr. in Cali and urgent care wouldn't take us, my mom called the ER.....they said that with the bug bite and the rash and the temp we should take her into the ER right away.
    We arrive at the ER and were actually seen right away.  A doctor came in and looked at Maddie, took her temp which was 101.5 by the time we got there.  He listened to her heartbeat and lungs and looked at the rash.  He said he couldn't tell if it actually was a bug bite on her face, but that it very well could be, he said that the rash looked like an allergic reaction to something (thanks sherlock) and he basically told us that we really didn't need to bring her into the ER.....we should have given her some tylenol or motrin and waited a day or so to see if the fever went away. 
    I have to finish this later because the booger just woke up from her check back maybe tonight.
    Okay....back to the story:  But the Dr. told us that since were did bring her to the hospital, she would need to have some tests done to rule out any other issues that could have possibly caused her rash and fever.  They needed to do a urine test, a blood test and a chest x-ray.  I wasn't really happy about having to go through all of that, but he said that it was necessary, and who am I to question someone with a medical licence?  So I asked what the urine test consisted of and was told that they had to put a cathetar in but it would only take a couple of seconds.....they would get it in, collect a little bit of urine and it would be over.....I figured, no problem right?  Wrong.  They stripped Maddie naked and layed her down on the hospital bed, I was sitting at her head looking down at her and 2 nurses were at her feet.  They spread her legs open and pinned her legs to the bed and proceeded to clean her cooter with iodine.....she seemed okay at first and I thought that maybe it would be really easy and over really fast.  Well, as soon as they tried to insert the cathetar (which I'm sure hurt a lot) Maddie started freaking out and crying.  I tried to stay calm for her benefit and started singing to her.  The first attempt didn't work, neither did the second attempt, neither did the third this time Maddie was screaming bloody murder, I was sobbing but still trying to sing to her which I'm sure sounded lovely, and the nurse was still pinning her legs down and making me hold her still.  They went and brought in another nurse and all three of them stood staring at my daughters cooter coming up with cathetar strategies, all the while still pinning her down while she tried to thrash free and screaming.  They tried a fourth time and didn't get it, and I told them that was enough.....there would be no more trying.....if they couldn't do it in 4 tries with 3 nurses then it wasn't going to happen.  They would have to collect urine another way.  So they taped a bag all around her potty areas and said we would have to wait until she peed.  I picked up my hysterical baby and it took me about 10 minutes to calm her down.  Then 2 more nurses came in and said they needed to take a blood soon as I laid Maddie down on the evil hospital bed of pain she immediately started crying.....she knew bad stuff was coming.  They had to pin her down again and drew blood like they do an adult with a miniature rubber band tie thingy and a very small needle.  She was screaming again and I was through trying to hold it was impossible.  I felt so aweful that she had to go through all of this and I was supposed to be there to protect her and I couldn't.  They got the blood in one try than God but she was still hysterical and both of us needed to be calmed down by my mom.  Maddie finally calmed down and actually started to fall was around 8:00 by this time which is 11:00 back home in NC and she still hadn't fully transitioned to West coast it was very late for her.  She wasn't asleep long before another nurse came in and said that we needed to do her chest x-ray.  I asked if we absolutley had to, and the nurse asked the Dr. as we passed by him in the hall and of couse the Dr. said yes it was necessary.  So we trudge into the x-ray room and I figure at least this will be easy....she'll lay down and they'll take a picture of her and it will be simple and over quickly and she can go back to bed.  Who knew that it was going to be the worse experience of them all.  The nurse explained to me that they couldn't just lay her on the x-ray bed because she might roll over while they were taking the x-ray and it wouldn't turn out, so instead they have this device that they put her in that I kid you not looked like some kind of torture device.....I would be scared to death if they tried to put me in something like this, and I'm old.  I'll try and explain it to you, but I don't know how well I'll do without using my hands to explain.  The torture device was a square table with a circle cut out of the middle and a leather or some other type of material strap hung from one side of the circle to the other like a stirrup.....the baby would basically sit on the strap with their legs hanging on either side and the table top would be at the lower abdomen level.  On top of the square table was a clear plastic cylinder about the height of my child.  It was cut in half and had velcro that could attach the halves together depending on how wide around the baby was.  So they put Maddie's bottom half straddling the strap with the square table all around her, they put the first half of the clear plastic cylinder in front of her and have it about 1/2 inch from her face and then put the other half up to her back and it is also about 1/2 inch from touching her.  Then the nurse grabs her arms and pulls them up so that they are sticking straight up in the air and tells me to hold them, so I hold them up, and the nurse pushes the two halves of the cylinder as close together as she can get them and velcros them so they stay shut around Maddie with her face basically plastered to the front and her arms stuck straight up over her head.  Now imagine all of that if you can and then imagine a terrified 6 and a half month old screaming her head off, trying to thrash around but not being able to move all that much because she is stuck in place by the plastic cylinder and the look she is giving me is so sad and terrified.  I did not handle this well.  I was sobbing and still trying to sing to her to try and calm her down but not very much was able to come out of my mouth because I was crying so hard and nothing was going to help calm her down.....she was so scared.  Then the nurse tells me that I have to leave the room because I can not be present during the x-rays.  I just about lost it, but I obeyed and spent about 5 minutes sobbing and heaving and my mom was there hugging me from behind and trying to calm me down.  The nurse told us he was done and I grabbed my baby and tried to calm her took a little while, but she eventually fell asleep, she was so tired and had been traumatized.  She still had the pee bad taped to her and we were still waiting for a sample, so while she slept we tried putting warm blankets on her and putting her hand in warm water and eventually she did pee, but started crying immediately I'm guessing it probably hurt after the stupid nurses failed 4 times at trying to put the cathetar in.  We got the nurse and told her that she peed and when she came in to look, she told us that it wasn;t enough.  I told her that it was in fact enough because it was all they were going to get, and they would have to figure out a way to make it enough because I was not going to put another bag on my baby.  I was getting her dressed and they were going to be done with all of their tests.  So, we had to sit around and wait for the results from all the tests which took about an hour.
    The Dr. came back in and said that there was some protein in her urine and her white blood cell count was up.....he thought that it could be a urinary tract infection and that he wanted to start her on antibiotics.  He also said that there was some blurriness in her left lung on the chest x-ray and he thought that she could have viral pneumonia, and wanted her to take antibiotics for that, but that normally it would be in both lungs so he wasn't really sure.  Okay.....Maddie had not even once coughed and they thought she could have pneumonia?  I asked him (very sarcastically) if he thought there could be a change that just maybe the chest x-ray was blurry because my daughter was strapped in a torture device and was trying to thrash around to get out and that just maybe she moved during the x-ray which would cause blurriness?  He didn't really answer me.  So, apparently Maddie has a urinary tract infection and pneumonia.  I am giving her the antibiotics just in case, but her temperature was down to 100.3 by the time we left the hospital and has been back to normal since Sunday morning and the rash is gone.  She still has not coughed, has not in any way acted as though she is vomiting, no lethargy, no extra sleeping...etc.  We found out after we left that the hospital is owned by the doctors that work there.....they all own a piece and it makes sense that a good way to make money and cover their asses from law suits is to do lots of tests even when they are unnecessary.  I don't think that I will EVER take any of my children to the hospital again unless they are bleeding profusely, have a limb hanging off, or some other life altering thing.  If I had been back home in NC I could have just taken her to the Dr. but being out of state I didn't have that option and I really thought someone should see her just to ease my mind that it wasn't serious and I never thought that the hospital would have put her through that much crap especially since the Dr. told us that he didn't even think it was necessary that we brought her to the ER.  DUMB.  If you want my medical opinion.....I think she got a spider bite and the spider's venom caused the rash and fever as her tiny little body tried to get the venom out.  That's just my humble non-medical school educated opinion.  But the "bites" are healing up and scabbed over yesterday and today the scabs fell off.  The rash is gone and she hasn't had a fever since Saturday night.  Yoikes.....when is my vacation going to start?  I'm tired and need to go to bed.  Sorry if there are a lot of typos.....I was just trying to get through this and get it over with so I didn't have to do it tomorrow and I am seriously falling asleep as I type.  My next blog is going to be about my problem with road rage.....I seem to get it like seasonal allergies.....only when I am in California.  Till then.
  • Our first trip to the ER

    Current mood:exhausted
    We just got back from spending 4 hours in the ER.  I am emotionally drained and cried harder than I ever have in my entire life while helplessly watching strangers poke prod and hold down my 6 month old baby.  There was a clear plastic torture device looking thing used to take chest x-rays that they put my daughter in and made me leave her alone with her arms sticking straight up in the air screaming stuck inside a plastic was horrific and I don't know if I will ever be able to get the image out of my head.  I feel like I will forever owe her for letting these people hurt her.  I have no energy left and MUST go and join my slumbering infant in bed, but I promise I will tell you about the 102 temperature, the catheter from hell, the plastic torture box and viral pneumonia.....I don't even know if I spelled that correctly and frankly I don't care.....I am EXHAUSTED!  Till healthy.

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