Monday, March 9, 2009

good ol' time

We got an impromptu birthday party invite from our neighbor across the street. I honestly didn't even know they had a kid.....I had never seen the little boy. But after being told that there would be a huge bouncer/slide and ponies, I accepted the invite. Both Dan and I were a little nervous as we headed over there because we don't really know our neighbors, but it turned out to be such a great time!! I thought we would stay for an hour and then go back home and do yard work....turns out we stayed for a few hours and were bummed that we had to drag our exhausted children home for bed. Charlotte had a good enough time hanging out with the adults.....I think she just really liked being outdoors, and Maddie, well Maddie had the time of her life. She went on 3 pony rides and went down the slide too many times to count....she also became the mascot of sorts for some older girls who fought over who got to hold her on the trampoline. And just because I love a trampoline I got on there with the girls too and had a blast jumping! That is totally something we need to get when the girls are a little bigger. Endless fun! I doubt that my kids will ever have parties of that magnitude but it's fun to enjoy the work and money that other people put into their kids' birthday parties. This family went ALL out.....bouncer, ponies, cotton candy machine, face painting clown, pinata, goody bags, and food.....oh the food, ribs and chicken, lasagna, meatballs, so much food. I wonder how they will top all that for the little boys 5th birthday next year! lol

Heading across the street with our present

Bouncer fun!

Natural cowgirl

They let the kids at the party walk the horses too
and when the rides were over they got to groom them

Charlotte's good time


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Becky said...

Wow! She looks like a natural on the pony! What a big girl!! How fun!

County McCounterson