Tuesday, March 31, 2009

howz the weather

It seems like the weather trend that we have been experiencing out here is 4-5 days of rain and cloudy weather, and then 4-5 days of beautiful, sunny, cool breeze, 70 degree weather. I have to say that I like the latter better, but rain is good for the earth.....I'm just glad I don't live someplace like Seattle where rain is the norm!! There's not much that I enjoy about our yard being dirt, but it is fun that when it rains for a few days we have some great mud puddles for Maddie to jump in. Boy does she seek them out....and she's a pro at jumping in them! lol We have been enjoying the lovely days and spending lots of time outside, and now that it stays light outside longer, we are often out there until 7:30 or so. Nice.

She is very serious about her sand and water table!! lol

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