Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring cleaning

We are currently doing some major spring cleaning.....and more than that we are doing some spring organizing!! I am SO over all the toys. Toys in the living room, toys in the kitchen, toys in every nook and cranny of our house. I have two trash bags full of toys that we are going to sell at the consignment sale in June and another trash bag full of toys on their way to goodwill. I went out and bought about 15 clear plastic bins and have organized ALL of the toys and put them in bins. Then I put all of the bins in the girls' rooms and removed all toys from the living room and den. I assume that toys will trickle into our living space, but when they don't start there, it may be a slower process and easier to put back. The only thing we left in the living room are books....any books that Charlotte couldn't rip apart or eat, and now we have a book nook, or as Maddie referrers to it....the library! It's a cozy little corner where they can sit and read books, and an easy place for them to clean up after themselves since the only thing that goes over there are books! We'll see. On the menu for tomorrow? More cleaning, and like 5 yards of laundry to fold. *sigh*

Maddie relaxing on her couch in the library

Picking out books

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