Sunday, April 26, 2009


Things are heating up here in North Carolina. It's been a little too hot for my taste (90's) and a little too hot for April, but no humidity yet, so I can deal! The heat and sunny weather may not be my favorite, but it is good for our garden! We have lettuce growing bigger and bigger and my radishes that just a week ago were dime size are now closer to quarters and bird eggs. I can see the tops of carrots and hope that they are growing big and straight below the ground. My tomatoes are getting tall although we don't have any fruit yet. Maddie is becoming quite the garden enthusiast and I have to keep my eagle eye on her to make sure she is on her best behavior in the garden. Most of the time she is good, but she has been "helping" me by picking radishes and they just aren't ready yet. She enjoys watering both the plants and herself.....but with the weather being so warm, it doesn't really matter if she gets all wet. She dries fast, especially when being pushed on the swings. And she is a slave driver on the swings! Don't let that adorable face fool you!! lol

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