Thursday, April 23, 2009


We had a lovely day at the park. The sun was out and it was warm but not too warm and there was a fantastic breeze. The girls went on the swings for a good long while and then Charlotte and I layed in the grass enjoying the afternoon while Maddie followed around a bratty and bossy 6 year old all over the play equipment. With Charlotte only crawling it does put us in an awkward situation at the park....she wants to be independent and able to crawl around (no stroller sittin' for her), but crawling on wood chips is not so good and she isn't big enough or walking enough to play on the equipment. So we stick to the grass and leave Maddie to the slides and climbers. She hardly ever lets me help her anyway!!


Kris10 said...

The more I look at Maddie the more I see your hubby and the more I look at Charlotte the more I see you...2 adorable kiddos that gets great looks from the parents!!! :)

geetabean said...

Yeah, Maddie has ALWAYS looked like's the eyes. But the older she gets, the more I see me. Not me now, but me when I was 3 or 4. Little looks that she makes look just like pictures I have of myself when I was young. They just keep on changing as they grow! I agree though, Charlotte does look like me. My mom tells me that looking at C gives her a glimpse at what I must have looked like as a baby. And it's weird because Maddie who has so much Dan in her even has his finger and toe nails, and Charlotte who has so much of me has my finger and toe nails. I think that is crazy. It makes me curious what a 3rd baby would look like....Dan or I, or someone else entirely. Genetics! lol :)

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