Thursday, July 23, 2009


Baltimore was a blast! The city is really cool and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Amy. I like the feel of a big city and being able to walk to almost everything. One great thing about being in a bustling city on the water is taking water taxis. We had a great time getting to our destinations by boat and seeing a different view of the city. There is so much to explore in Baltimore and we didn't even scratch the surface! I think it would have been a better trip if it wasn't at the end of a ton of driving and camping. Next time we head up to Maryland it will be our only destination and hopefully we'll have more time to explore. We did however eat some amazing food; salmon topped with crab cakes, street vendor hot dogs, authentic Italian pastries, SUSHI!!! The girls rode on a merry go round, (they chose chickens) made huge bubbles and chased after birds. Such a fun time! A big thank you to Amy for letting our loud brood crash at her place.....sorry for the air freshener spill! :)

Great food!

Charlotte is seriously amazing with fork skills

Flowers in the city

Chicken go round

Marching to her own beat

Watch out comes Maddie

Lot's of really cool tug boats

City girl

Sun setting on the city

Amazing painting on the side of a brick building


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