Monday, August 17, 2009

Our new pet

We have a new pet. Mr. Caterpillar. Dan and the girls found him this afternoon and when I got home from the gym he had already moved into his new home (a mason jar) in my kitchen! I don't really know how I feel about this new resident......he's kinda cool looking and pretty harmless, so as long as he stays in his home he'll be a good roommate. I have a feeling that he won't make it to the butterfly/moth stage, but maybe he can survive two curious girls! Charlotte pretty much has to be held anywhere near him because she is not so gentle, but Maddie has touched him, and was very concerned about him getting too close to the edge of the table and falling off. We'll see what happens.....maybe we'll get lucky and in a week or two we'll have a pet butterfly!!

The house

Mr. Caterpillar

"Mama, he gonna fall off da table. He gonna fall off!!"

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