Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday randomness

I'm pretty sure that I am sick. This is day two of sore throat and day could be a fluke, but two days???? I'm sick. Crap. Why am I constantly getting sick? It's August for craps sake. And what really worries me is whether or not the girls are going to get sick as well. Dan leaves for Denmark on Tuesday which means I will be alone with the littles and I can't think of anything suckier than the three of us being on our own and sick. Here's hoping I get well fast, and the girls don't get sick at all.....thats gonna mean no more mouth kisses from Charlotte for a while. :( It's rainy outside like it was all day yesterday and like it's supposed to be for the rest of the week and I wish I could just curl up in bed and read all day. You think the girls could take care of themselves for the rest of the day? Nah, me neither. Maybe I'll try and sneak in a nap while they are napping this afternoon.

Dan and I have been recently talking about getting cable. I am just really torn. I hardly ever watch television. Usually the only time I sit down and watch something is after both girls are in bed which is around 8:30 or 9:00 and even then it's not consistant so I can't seem to keep up with shows. This summer Dan and I have been watching DVD series like Weeds, Dexter, and now LOST and I really like doing that! Once Dan starts school (next week) he won't really have any time to watch TV, so it's really up to me. I can either continue to rent DVDs and move from series to series, or I could get cable and watch that when I feel like it. If I rented one DVD a day, it would cost me about $30/month and I doubt I would rent something every single day, getting a cable package would cost about $50/month. I would like to have cable for the girls. I don't know about them, but I am sick to death of PBS. Some of their shows are good, but they seriously have like 5 shows and they just run them over and over again. I wish we could watch Backyardigans or Yo Gabba Gabba again! But on the other hand I don't want them watching so much TV, so do I really want to give them more channels? Part of me is really excited about the idea of getting cable because it's nice to watch TV when I want to, but another part of me thinks that TV is such crap and a huge waste of time and money and I should be doing better things with my time like reading or sewing or working on my photography. I don't know what to do, but we'll need to talk about it some more because most cable contracts are for a year, so if we decide to do it we'll be stuck with cable for a while. Hmmm......

Dan's birthday is Monday.....the day before he leaves for Denmark. I don't know why, but I am so bad at keeping surprises from him! I always buy his presents in advance and then end up giving them to him early because I can't wait. Well, he usually talks me into giving them to him early, but I cave in really easily! Christmas is the only time he has to wait to get gifts, I can't be hoodwinked into opening those early!! Dan has been getting back into golf since we moved to Raleigh. There are numerous driving ranges and gold courses very near us, and more often than before he has been taking time for himself to do something that he enjoys. I think it's really good that he is getting back into one of his hobbies.....working full time, going to school full time and having a high maintenance wife (wink) and two little kids leaves very little time for Dan to take time for himself and relax. I think golfing is a good outlet for him! Anyway, I got him a new golf club bag for his birthday. His old bag didn't have the back pack straps or the kick stands as I like to call them. (I have no idea what they are really called) He opened his present yesterday, 5 days early! But, he really liked it and is actually at the driving range right now as I type.

We went to Capital Pools yesterday and got information on getting a pool put in. It's not something we'll be able to do this summer, but with a year of saving we should be able to do it for next summer.....if we decide thats what we want to save for. I know this sounds stupid, but it's a pretty rad feeling knowing that we can do whatever we want to if we just save. After we saved up and paid off our cars, debt and bought an awesome new house it showed me that all Dan and I need is a goal, and a plan and we can make anything happen. I would LOVE to have a pool in our backyard, but I'm not sure if thats the right choice for our next big goal. Should we buy a new car, or work on hard scaping our yard, or buy a boat? There are lot's of options, but man I would enjoy a pool! :)


Dano said...

I do love my bag!! thanks hunny.

Dano said...
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Anonymous said...

I vote for a pool

the Grandma who would visit all of the time..

Becky said...

I am the same way about cable. I really miss it, but I also love that I haven't been attached to it and I've lived without it so well. I was over at a friends house last night and got to watch the Soup. It was nice.....

Happy Birthday Dan! :)

If your community has a pool, I think you should spend money elsewhere. If it doesn't, GET ONE! As you know, they are heaven! :)

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