Monday, September 28, 2009

Charlotte meets marker

We normally color with crayons when Charlotte is involved, and even though she still tries to eat them, she does pretty well with coloring. Today I went ahead and broke out the markers that Maddie has been begging to use since her birthday party. There is no way that Charlotte would be okay with Maddie coloring and not her, so I set them both up with markers and construction paper. Let me just say that they both had immense fun and I didn't even care when Charlotte drew all over the table (thank you washable markers) but the fun was done once Charlotte colored all over her arms and face. It must be a rite of passage because Maddie did (and still does on occasion) the exact same thing! I took all the markers away which made Charlotte furious and attempted to wipe down her face.....the table totally came clean, Charlotte not so much. This is her after being wiped off. I'm sure it will wear off in the very near future. Moral of the story.....only color with markers when you're planning on staying home all day! :)

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