Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall preview

The weather has been incredible for the past week! I don't know what kind of low pressure whatever has come though, but it has brought lovely fall-ish weather, cool mid 70's, no humidity, gentle breeze lovliness! This is my favorite kind of weather! We've been taking advantage of the break in the heat and playing outside a LOT! Riding bikes, coloring with chalk (Maddie loves for me to trace her on the ground and then she colors herself) tractor riding, bubbles, popsicles and dancing! I turn the stereo in the garage on and we dance in the driveway....Maddie thinks it's hysterical, my neighbors might not find Laurie Berkner Band being blasted so wonderful, but they'll get over it! :) The most favorite outside activity right now is the tractor. Our friends gave us this hand me down power wheels-ish riding tractor and the girls adore it! The battery is basically shot and only lasts for about 10 minutes at a time, but they are a fast and furious 10 minutes! Maddie is not so good at the steering so I have to run along side her and turn the steering wheel when necessary, and we were having problems because Charlotte wanted to ride too but it is only a 1 seater. Solution......I tied our wagon to the back and now Maddie tows Charlotte behind. Both kids happy,makes me happy even though my toes have been run over more times than I can count! Eventually Maddie will get a better grip on steering and I might be able to sit back and enjoy watching them ride around the yard in the tractor....for now I run around like a crazy woman trying to keep my toddlers from crashing into brick walls, and cruising into the street. I could really get used to this weather we've been having. I hope it sticks around, but more than likely we will go back and forth between gorgeous weather and yucky hot humid weather until late October.....tis the North Carolina way. For now, I'll take what I can get of this fall preview!

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erin said...

Check out that mohawk-in-the-making on Charlotte! I love my adorable niecies!!

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