Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Four years

Today is the fourth anniversary of my marriage. I use the word marriage even though it doesn't sound quite right in that sentence; because a wedding is a celebration that lasts for one marriage is for the rest of my life. Today is my day to remember the commitment I made to Daniel and to honor our marriage! Four years is such a short time in years, but has been such a long time in life. In Dan I have found my best friend and there isn't anyone I would rather spend the next 37,843,200 minutes with. I'm planning on living to see 100 and he better be there with me! :) Happy anniversary baby.....I think this may be the first year we actually remembered!

And for your viewing and listening pleasure.....well really, it's for my viewing and listening are some of my favorites from the day we wed.

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Sorry honey, but I LOVE this pic!

Don't ask! :)

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heyjennifer said...

I LOVE the pictures!!!! It's great to see what you looked like as a bride - I always expected you to get married and have cute children. :)

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