Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hailey and Norah

My sister in law came over today and brought my nieces Hailey and Norah to play! The girls all had a really great time together. Maddie constantly talks about Hailey and wants to go over to their house all the time......that would be a bit more convenient if we didn't live over an hour away. But they enjoy the time they do get to spend together. We've been meaning to get some shots of the girls in their matching green shirts that I made them (you can't even see Hailey's, oh well) and we made it just under the wire since Norah has almost outgrown hers! Taking pictures of one kid is hard enough....getting two kiddos to look good at the same time is near impossible. Next time we'll try at all four which should be entertaining if nothing else!

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