Tuesday, October 20, 2009

stair climber

Charlotte has learned how to go down stairs. This is always a scary time for me because the possibility of injury is pretty much assured. So far she hasn't fallen down our stairs, but she did take a tumble this weekend at her cousins house. Good thing baby bones are meant to accomodate a little bit of battle. Charlotte is much more cautious than Maddie ever was and thus we've had fewer owies, but I fully expect to hear the dreadful thud of her tumbling down the stairs sometime before she completely masters the descent. I could follow her around and completely shadow her to make sure she never gets hurt (and sometimes I do) but I want my girls to feel independent in the small ways that a toddler can and I want them to learn by doing. If she is successful in going down the stairs by herself 99% of the time, the pride she will feel from accomplishment far outweighs me following her around to prevent that 1% failure. And so far, at our house, we're at 100% success!!

Yes, she is wearing Dora underwear over her diaper. She wants to be a big girl like Maddie!

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