Sunday, November 1, 2009

In leiu of carving

I always enjoyed carving pumpkins as a kid. I would dig right into the goopy innards and clean the pumpkin out with my hands. I think that my kids will enjoy it too, but at this stage they are too little and last year when we carved it ended up being just me and Dan doing it.....which isn't a big deal, but this year I wanted the girls to be able to be hands on without the stress of knives. So, I let them each paint their pumpkins!! They had a really good time, got completely painty, and we have two very colorful pumpkins to enjoy. Another nice part about not carving our pumpkins up is that we get to keep them around longer and enjoy the beauty!

"No Charlotte, Don't eat the paint"

Maddie is VERY serious about her projects

"NO, NO Charlotte.....don't eat paint!!"

"Hey Maddie, can you paint your pumpkin instead of your hand?"

"Charlotte, seriously STOP eating your paint brush!"

Our beauuuutiful pumpkins

"I a mess." (yes, my dear you are a mess!)

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