Monday, November 2, 2009

My child the genius

I haven't really wanted to talk about Maddie's potty training because I didn't want to jinx anything, but we've been chuggin' along for quite a while now.....hopefully posting this won't change things! :) Knock on wood. Maddie is doing SO amazingly well with potty training! We're still a good ways away from being 100% trained, but the last couple weeks she has been waking up dry from both night sleep and naps, using the potty independently (still needs some help with wiping and putting clothes back on) telling us when she needs to go, (this is HUGE for her!) pooping on the toilet, using the big toilet about 50% of the time and only having 1 accident in her pull up a day. Don't get me wrong, some days are way bad, but I'd say that 90% of the time she is a super star! The days when we are out and about are harder.....she seems to not like public restrooms, but she's doing great at school, and when I bring the portable potty with us she will use that when we're on the go. I am so incredibly proud of her. Having kids gives you a sense of pride that nothing else can compare to. Her accomplishments feel like my accomplishments, (but not in the weird child beauty pageant way where the moms are trying to make up for their lost youth) I just deeply feel her excitement and pride....her happiness makes me one happy Mama!

Funny story.....

So, tonight I am making dinner and Maddie is wearing big girl underwear.....actual underwear, not pull ups. She is watching one of her most favorite shows on PBS (Word World) and she tells me, "Mama, I gotta go pee pee on the potty!" I give her my normal excited response of, "Hurry up, get to the bathroom so you can go on the potty, make sure to pull your underwear down!" I continue cooking and hear a racket coming from our hall bathroom. I walk around the corner and see this:

She has scooted her potty out of the bathroom, through the hall and into the living room where she is continuing to watch Word World while she POOPS! lol Just so you know, cause I know you are dying for this info.....she calls everything pee, so it's hard to know what she's up to. I can not believe what a big girl she is! That was pure genius.

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Keri, Gary, Abigail and Luke said...

Abbie's FAVORITE show is Word World funny! Congrats to Maddie! Now all you have to do is install a plasma in the bathroom and she will be set!

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