Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend in review

It's been a long time since we've had such a bad weekend. Nothing in particular was horrible about it, but we're STILL sick. Maddie seems to be doing better although she does still have river butt, but Charlotte got worse over the weekend and I caught whatever it is that they have. Goody. My kids are so irritable, their personalities are totally different when they are sick and I miss the happy well behaved versions of them! Charlotte has thrown too many tantrums to count and actually bit me twice this morning (not hard though). Thank goodness for cartoons.....Charlotte and I are downstairs watching Elmo and Maddie is upstairs watching Wow Wow Wubbzy. Cartoons are pretty much the only thing keeping any of use sane and from hurting one another! :) We don't normally stay at home all day long, we're at the park or the museum or school so it's been really hard to be stuck inside because of all the rain we've had and the sickies.

On a happier note, the sun FINALLY came out on Saturday! It had been days since we had last seen it, and I must say it was a lovely relief from the storms we had been experiencing. Dan and I took the girls to Lake Benson and went for a nature walk. We brought a bucket and filled it up with treasures like leaves and pine cones and sticks. We walked down to the waters edge and threw rocks into the lake. Dan then took the girls over to the playground to eat a picnic lunch and play for a while. I got some much needed alone time with my ipod and the trails around the lake. It felt really good to get some exercise with the bright sun warming me! It was a good afternoon and I'm glad we made the effort to get our sick selves out of the house even if it was only for a couple hours.

On today's menu is more of the same. Cartoons. Snacks. Naps. Books. I'm going to try and squeeze in a little sewing this afternoon if the girls will let me. I'm working on a Thanksgiving tree and would like to have it finished guessed it, Thanksgiving. There is a lot of embroidery which is a bit time consuming.....we'll see what happens. I have a lot of balls in the air right now that I'm trying to juggle, but I'm not gonna stress out over it. My kids come first, my lofty crafting ideas can wait. Enjoy your Monday!

Of course I had to add a pic of Charlotte trying to eat something she shouldn't. Typical Charlotte! :)

Maddie is "fishing"

Maddie jumping over a little dirt bump

I've been allowing Maddie to use my camera recently. Teaching her how to take pictures. This shot is one of hers. I think she did a really good job! Great depth of field, good focus on her subject.....she's a natural!!

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