Sunday, December 20, 2009

Handmade Christmas clothes and crafting update!

My kids are crazy! Entertaining, silly, playful and loving. I love watching them goof around. I wanted them to try on their Christmas outfits to see how they fit and get a couple pictures. I had to bribe them with Christmas lights and then sit on the floor and try to get decent shots as they ran all around me like mad women! Which by the way I recommend can get some great pictures sittin' in one spot while life runs around you!

I made these skirts before Thanksgiving and I just got around to starting and finishing the shirts today! Procrastination. I am ready to be done with projects which explains why these shirts look so bad! I rushed through them just wanting to be finished and didn't put my normal attention to detail into them. Oh well. From afar they look fine which is enough. The girls like them....Maddie told me she looked like a princess and I guess that's what really matters! The skirts I love! And I made them big enough that they may be able to wear them next year as well. Always a plus. Aren't my girls adorable?

I don't know if you noticed in previous pictures......
but Charlotte is obsessed with wearing one frog boot.
Not 2 frog boots, just 1.
And if I take it off she screams her head off and then puts the 1 frog boot back on. Weirdo!

This is one of the biggest reasons that I want to be done with my projects.......My kitchen area is a MESS! I still haven't moved up into my crafting area because I don't have a stool yet and I just figured that everything was already down stairs I might as well leave it. It is getting out of control! I want to wrap my finished items up and move them into my closet and not see them again until Christmas morning. But again, I figured I'd wait until I was completely done with everything and then clean up all at I'm living in the mess. Dan and the girls are also living in the mess. Sorry my loved ones! It will all be over soon. My list of things left to make: 2 felt donuts, hand stitching on canvas bags, 4 or 5 felt ravioli, ribbon wands, (which Dan said he'd make) and 3 more tree candle holders. I also have a few sewing projects to work on after Christmas and we still don't have Christmas lights on the house. Deep breath.....we're almost done! :o)


Becky said...

I have a craft "corner" that Trevor would like to see put away, but to me it IS put away....mostly! I'm sure it could be more organized, but whatever, it's convenient! :) You are amazingly talented! We would have such fun sewing days if we lived closer.... :)

P.S. My word verification for this comment is "trevocko". That is really funny to me!!

heyjennifer said...

Cute Christmas outfits! I love the one frog boot. Kids do the funniest things for reasons only they seem to know!
I love getting glimpses of your home. You are a great decorator, Gina! I love your style!

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