Thursday, January 14, 2010


BIG screen TVs during dinner are entertaining
(sports bar)

It's good to be home! I had a very emotionally charged weekend and it's really nice to be back with Dan and the girls. It's amazing how therapeutic singing the Barney song and lovin' on my girls can be! Life hasn't gone back to normal yet, but with any major life change I have to figure out what the new normal is. I still find myself breaking down when I think about my grandma....the easy solution is not to think about her, but I can't ignore my feelings for forever.....I must grieve. Thanks to Dan, who cleaned the house, did 5 loads of laundry and took down all of the Christmas decorations while I was gone, I've been able to transition back into the real world slowly. Back to cloth diapers, cooking meals and shuttling my littles around. It just seems so strange to grandma is gone and the world is missing a little ray of sunshine, but life keeps chuggin' along. It seems wrong, but there is no alternative. If I had to title my thoughts from the last few days they would be called REGRET. Not a healthy novel, so I'm trying to have better thoughts....but that's a blog of a different color.

Till next time......give some extra love to the people around you. Love makes everyone feel better!

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