Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Day of craziness
I don't know if anyone missed my 365 post from yesterday but in case you it is! :o) This pic was actually taken by Maddie, but it depicts the day I had yesterday pretty well, plus when Maddie is using my camera she is under my tutelage so I figure it counts!! I had an insane day yesterday and I currently feel like road kill. I got up early at 6:00, watched my niece all morning (more on that later) and left the house at 2:00 for our bi-annual consignment sale extravaganza. I stood in line at the sale for 30 minutes and then shopped non stop from 3:00 until 11:00 at night!!! I'm telling you, this sale is not for the faint of heart. Have you ever been to the state fair? You know those live stock arenas where they have cows and chickens and sheep on display? Well this consignment sale is in one of those huge arenas.....and this year they finally branched out to another building. There is SO much stuff, anything you would need to raise a child from birth to age 14! It's amazing, and oh so exhausting. I spent over 8 hours shopping and I didn't even go near the toy section. (we had no need for toys since Christmas was toytastic) I did however get pants for Maddie for right now since her pants are ridiculously short, clothes for both Maddie and Charlotte for this spring and summer.....lots of cute dresses! I got a bunch of cloth diapers and I'm excited to try out the fitted ones! I got a beautiful ergo carrier, tights, swimsuits, shoes, a bunch of stuff for my sister in law and a very unexpected $7 bike for Maddie with training wheels! My feet hurt, my back hurts and this morning came way too soon......I didn't get home last night until nearly midnight! BUT, I am excited to go through all my loot today, cut off tags and get my new diapers in the wash. Doing the consignment sale is a LOT of work, on top of my marathon shopping day Dan and I each volunteer and work 5 hour consignment sale shifts for the privilege of being early'd be surprised how fast the good stuff gets bought! All of that work and time spent is so worth it! We do all of our shopping twice a year and rarely have to buy anything new for the girls and it all costs a fraction of what it would be if we bought brand new. Love it!

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