Monday, January 25, 2010


Dandelion girl
The rain finally stopped today and we were able to get outside and enjoy some fresh air! And it was just in the nick of time too.....after my lovely children emptied an ENTIRE jar of Vicks Vaporub onto my carpet I was pretty sure that the circus was going to have two new pint sized clowns, but the sunshine saved their hides! We jumped in mud puddles, rode bikes, ate popsicles and collected rocks. We ended up staying outside a little later than I had intended and it was a little colder than I normally let them run around without jackets in, but it was so nice to have temps in the 60s we soaked up as much as we could! By the time we came inside, both girls were covered in mud and had to be stripped down, but it was a good time, and every once in a while mud puddle jumping is necessary! Pants, socks & shoes are being laundered as we speak! :o)

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