Sunday, January 31, 2010


Snow Charlotte
Well, tomorrow is the BIG day! Dan and I leave on a plane at 7:00 am to the Dominican Republic. We've had snow here in NC for the past few days and it is going to be major weather shock arriving in the Caribbean. I've been worried about this trip for the past few weeks, but just yesterday I started to feel excited. My mother arrived today after getting stuck in Atlanta and having to fly into Charlotte. My in-laws picked her up, stowed her for the night and then drove her here this afternoon. (Thank you, thank you Nathan and Cheri!) My girls had a great day lovin' on their grandma and I don't feel as worried about leaving them. For the next 12 days we will have no phone, (except to call the house and check on things) no internet and no cable. (although we don't have cable now anyway) I'm a wee bit nervous about not being able to stay connected to the world wide web, but I will have plenty to keep me occupied. Lovely company, unlimited food and alcohol, white sand beaches, crystal clear water and a good book. It should be an excellent trip! Tune in on February 13th for my 365 "make up" pictures from the DR. If you happen to think of us while we are gone, send a little prayer out that our flights are safe, that we don't get sick or hurt while away, and that my girls adjust well to us being gone for so long. My mother told me today that in the scheme of life, 12 days is nothing......the girls will survive, we will survive and once we get home life will return to normal. Till then, buenas noches!

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