Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day One 1-1-10

Following the lead of many people on-line and my friend Rachel, I am going to do project 365.....a year in the life. What exactly does that entail? Everyday for the next 365 days I am going to take at least 1 picture and post it to my blog. I know that it doesn't seem like a stretch for me because I already take a lot of pictures and post a lot of blogs but I don't actually pick up my camera every single day.....some days I just don't feel like it! I'm hoping that this project will encourage me to get behind the lens daily and capture some amazing stuff. It's going to be challenging for me because not only do I have to photograph everyday but I also have to edit and post everyday and this will all be on top of my normal blogging! Goals are good though right? I've given myself some ground rules....but really there are no ground rules.....the pictures will be anything I want them to be, shot new everyday and posted everyday.....with or without commentary. Part of me is really excited and part of me is really nervous....this is a big commitment for me and I hope that I can succeed! So without further ado, I have a photo from yesterday.....I know I'm a day late in posting but I just decided to do this project last night so you'll have to forgive me for my tardiness. I will have today's picture posted before I go to bed tonight.....I just have to take it first! :0)

Mama's slippers

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chris said...

why dont you take a picture of both girls, 1 of maddie and 1 of charlotte everyday. then when its over you can make a slideshow and fast forward it and see them age 1 whole year.

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