Saturday, January 16, 2010

In the great wide open

The weather has been beautiful since I got back from California! This is one thing I LOVE about North Carolina gets cold, VERY cold and then we'll have a string of lovely 60 degree, sunny weather days! Just when you feel like you can't stand to be cooped up inside any longer, it warms up enough to play at the park without jackets and scarves and hats and gloves!! Oh my. We went to the park that my girls like to call the "wood park"..........we have so many parks that we frequent that the girls made up names for them........there is the wood park, green park, sand park, red park, train park and walk far as I can tell, North Carolina is the land of parks!! We played and played and played! Even Charlotte falling and scraping her forehead didn't slow us down. The girls had so much fun and it was so very needed. We all get a little stir crazy during the winter! So nice to be out.

I'd like to point out the ridiculousness of my kids clothes. These poor children need some new clothes! They are growing toooooo fast. Maddie is not even 3 1/2 and she is outgrowing all of her 5T clothing. I can not keep the girl in long pants......I blink and they're 2 inches too short! She is too tall! :o) And little Charlotte now has a huge caboose (she has always had an adorable bubble butt, but it's bigger now) because cloth diapers are poofier than disposables, so hardly any of her pants fit anymore. She probably won't be able to wear jeans at all because by the time we get pants to fit her waist they will be WAY too long. I refuse to tailor kids clothes. I'm on a mission to get both my girls more pants with an elastic waist! They will work well for Maddie while she masters potty skills and they will fit over cloth diapers. win-win.

Have a great weekend!!

The wood park

There is a nature display

First teeter totter

This is what my child does with sand.
Every single time.

"The hugest slide I've ever seen!" -Maddie

I'd say she conquered this rock!!

Another funsie that happens when Charlotte gets near sand!

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I couldn't help myself.......
I could not decide which one I liked best so you have to endure 4!!

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Becky said...

Charlotte is a crack up!! I can't believe how long Maddie's hair is! That park looks amazing!

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