Friday, January 22, 2010

My morning with Norah

A few days ago my sister in law, Angela stayed the night with us and she brought baby Norah with her! The girls and I babysat Norah while Ang went to a conference of some sort. I can not tell you how excited Maddie and Charlotte were to have a baby in the house! Charlotte has always been my little mama and adores babies, actually.....I would call her baby obsessed. She is crazy for a baby! If there is a baby in the room, Charlotte will be next to it introducing herself in seconds. She is an excellent baby entertainer!!

What really surprised me was how excited Maddie was. Maddie has never been "into" babies. She doesn't really like dolls, she likes playing house but she mostly pretends to be a cookin' mama.......she's just too busy lining stuff up and building forts out of pillows to notice babies. But, she was thrilled to have Norah over! Maddie was helpful to me, kind to the baby and was sad when it was time for school. She is growing into a very sweet little girl!

Norah, what can I say about Norah?!? She is a doll baby! Except for when she's screeching.....which is often. :o) She is just a screechy baby! When she's happy, when she's mad.....screechy. Of course it is adorable, but that girl has range. Maybe she'll be a singer when she grows up!?! Norah is as cute as a button and was so good for me. Other than getting one extra meal ready and a few diaper changes it wasn't much different than any other day.....except of course for the sweet baby to play with! If Angela and Lane ever feel the need to give baby Norah to me, I'd accept! :o)

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