Sunday, January 3, 2010

sun bleaching diapers

Cloth diapers get stained! Poop gets on them ya know! :o) It's pretty much a fact of life that there will be some staining with continual use. Bleach is not something that can be used on cloth diapers but there is a much better organic approach for bleaching stains out. The SUN! Our lovely sun does a great job of bleaching and sterilizing cloth. Yesterday I decided to strip all of my cloth diapers because there was a stink every time Charlotte peed which is an indicator of detergent build up. After stripping them I hung the Fuzzi Bunz outer covers on my indoor clothes line to dry.....air drying increases the life of diapers made from PUL fabric. Some of the pocket diaper inserts that I bought used had staining on them so I have decided to try sun bleaching them. The sun is actually out today, but it's probably not a great day to line dry anything because it's only 24 degrees out, but I'm trying it anyway! It can't hurt right? I'm interested to see if the sun will bleach out old stains and if it will actually work in below freezing temps......I've read that it will, it just takes longer. My inserts are chillin' (literally) outside and I can't wait to see what happens. I'll let ya know!

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