Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dominican Republic 2

Little by little I'm getting through the vacation pictures! It's fun to look back through all the pics but at the same time I'm so not in vacation mode so it's hard to stay motivated to get them all edited. I thought I'd give you a glimpse into how we spent our days in the Dominican Republic....

8:30-9:00 wake up and lounge around our room
9:30-10:00 head to the buffet to have breakfast. I ate an omelet every day....ham, cheese and onions. I learned on the first day that they make eggs very runny in DR so I learned quickly to ask for my omelet well done!
10:30 camped out on the beach ALL day drinking fruity drinks and swam in the ocean
12:30-2:00 lunch on the beach. There was a hut that grilled burgers and chicken and there were lot's of desserts.
4:30-6:30 head back to our room. I'd say that half the days we stayed all day at the beach and watched the sunset. The rest of the days we went back to our room and played cards and watched European and Spanish MTV
6:30-8:00 lounged around. Got ready for dinner. Went to the bar or the coffee shop and got drinks
7:30-8:00 dinner. There was the buffet which had SO many options and also 7 restaurants. French, Dominican, Mexican, Seafood, Grill (steaks), Asian, and Italian. We liked the Italian and the steaks at the Mexican restaurant the best. I HATED the French restaurant but I've never really eaten French food.....maybe it's better in France! :o)
8:30 pre show entertainment.....sometimes we watched this, but most nights we did not
9:30 big show. I don't think we saw one.....mostly we walked around and hung out at the lobby bar or spent time in our room
11:30-12:30 bedtime

This was pretty much our routine everyday. By the end of the day we were tired and didn't have a lot of interest in the shows, but a lot of people went to them. The resort had 5 bars, a casino and a dance club both of which I never even saw. Dan and I weren't there to party....we wanted to lounge around and relax which we accomplished. I could actually go for some lying on the beach and relaxing right about now! :o)

This is a Banana Mama
I consumed approx 150 of these while on vacation
Don't worry.....140 of them were non alcoholic.....I'm not a total lush :o)
SO yummy!


Such lovely tropical plants all over the resort

The Mexican restaurant

Kayak and catamaran rentals

One of the bartenders at the beach bar

Fern shadows

Our maid left these flowers in our room.
Tipping is not expected at this resort, but Dan and I brought a couple hundred bucks in ones and tipped everyone! These people work 16 hour days and get paid next to nothing. It was our pleasure to tip them!

Beach life.....where we spent a majority of our time

Lobby bar area

A beautiful tree in the Mexican restaurant

Can you say liquid lunch? :o) Pina Colada

We spent a couple afternoons sitting here drinking fruity drinks and people watching

Dan lounging.....I like the palm trees in his sunglasses

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Becky said...

Ha! I thought that bartender was one-armed for a second there! :) Sounds like a REALLY relaxing trip! Did you read SO MANY books?

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