Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gettin' dirty

We have been blessed with some very lovely weather! Not today of course, but the past few days have been beautiful.....sunny, almost warm. We've spent a good chunk of our time outside gardening, digging in the dirt, blowing bubbles and writing everywhere with chalk! Daddy got a bunch of lumber delivered the other day to make garden boxes and garage storage out of and we did our very best to make the wood as beautiful as possible. We also learned that chalk + water equals a substance very close to paint!! Oh the fun. My girls LOVE digging in the dirt and adore chasing after bubbles so we've been delighting in those activities a lot. It's amazing how dirty my kids get! every.single.day. Sometimes they look like homeless children because they are so filthy, but you know, well fed chubby homeless children. Ah, the wonders of soap and laundry detergent!! I have to say that I'm pretty ready for spring to get here......I love cold winter nights and bundling under blankets, but it's so much better to play outside during the day with the sun shining. I'm also ready to ditch the socks for some sandals.....there is nothing quite as evil as toddler socks.

Still not so great at blowing bubbles, but we still try!

Drawing on daddy's lumber

Look.....blue hands

Charlotte was drawing "dino-snores"
I think she actually did an excellent job!

We love dirt!

Splashing in the left over rain water on the tarp

Then the crankster got cranky and we called it a day.

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