Thursday, March 4, 2010

sweat pants and heels

This child and her shoe obsession is hysterical. She loves shoes....all kinds. She is constantly putting shoes on and taking shoes off and switching shoes around. She always likes a matching pair and she almost always is able to get them on all by herself. What really amazes me is her ability to walk in heels. Maddie has had these dress up heels since she was 2 and still can't walk around in them.....Charlotte puts them on, climbs down the stairs and is able to walk around on hard wood floors. She does better in heels than I do! Such a silly little girl! I think the sweat pants and necklace are a nice touch with the frou frou heels....don't you? :o)


Becky said...

Gemma and Hope got some shoes like that for Christmas at my parents house, and later in the evening we found Declan wearing them! It was really funny cause they were peeptoe like Charlotte's, and you couldn't see they were on his feet, but you could hear him walking on my parents hard wood floor! :) Silly boy!

She does look like a natural!

Mumsy Mania said...

Dexter also loves shoes.he has a mild obsession.

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