Friday, April 23, 2010

chocolate and child labor

We limit the amount of sugar the girls get. It's been a lot more strict recently, but we've always tried to keep as much sugar away from them as seriously makes them crazy, and who wants to deal with that? For Easter they each got a small hollow chocolate bunny and a plastic egg with m&ms in it. That's all. I went with chocolate because although it is still a ton of sugar, it seems more natural than other options out there.....maybe that just makes me disillusional. :o)

Anyway, they got to eat half of their bunny on Easter, and I let them eat the other half the other day. We went outside and they consumed more chocolate than they normally get in months. Then I put them to work to try and get the sugar to burn out of their systems. They were still spastic until they went to bed, but at least it was spastic in the great outdoors where they couldn't do much damage to the house or themselves. It's truly amazing how negatively refined sugar affects the system. It's not so obvious in adults, but in children, especially ones who don't get a lot of it normally, it's like their bodies are taken over and they can no longer control themselves. I've found for the safety and sanity of everyone involved, sugar in the form of candy needs to be limited to special occasions! :o) And just in case you were curious.....the m&ms have been hidden and may very well be consumed by the man of the house who has a slight chocolate addiction!

"Ooooh, chocolate is goooood!"

I think her stance looks so grown up here
Like, hmmm.....what am I going to do with this

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And the Green boots live on... :)

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