Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Garden bonanza

Things are really coming along in the garden! Dan got all of this years boxes built.....I say this years because we both feel like we're going to need a few more next year, but we've got our hands good and full right now and don't need more building projects. So for now we're done with that! (maybe *snicker*) I actually don't even have much more to plant! Dan is tilling an area for watermelons, I have more corn I'd like to plant, and sweet potatoes will need to be buried around June but other than that I think we might be done. At least until the end of summer when we plant our fall crops! So far I have nothing to harvest which doesn't surprise me because I got a rather late start. My broccoli is starting to bolt (flower) which means that the weather is getting too warm for me to get any broccoli. I'm disappointed that I didn't actually get anything more than a couple small broccoli heads, but that's part of the win, lose or draw of gardening. I'm looking forward to the fall and trying again with my most favorite vegetable. I do have lettuce that I could tear off and eat, but I'd rather wait it out and see how big the heads get before I start trimming. Radishes should be ready pretty soon.....in case anyone out there wants to start growing vegetables, radishes are an excellent place to start! You plant the seeds directly into your soil, and they grow really fast even in poor conditions. The radish will make you feel like a super gardener! I guess that's it for my garden update......I am really enjoying our time outdoors, learning about growing food and watching my little baby plants grow up.

These are the last 3 garden beds Dan built
And there is my child who as soon as her feet hit our front door is stripping off her clothes. I can not keep clothing on this child.....so I've stopped trying! :o)

Gourmet lettuces

Cherokee purple tomato
(my only planted tomato so far)


Red bell pepper & white eggplant in the background

Green bell pepper
We eat a LOT of bell peppers so I have 6 green and 2 red plants

Herbs: basil, rosemary, thyme & cilantro
I LOVE being able to cut fresh herbs for cooking!

(working on trellis ideas)

(we are going to trellis these and our watermelons)

Red leaf lettuce getting nice and big



(I think I might be most excited about this!)

Straight neck yellow squash

More thyme

This tree came with the house but it didn't have any fruit growth and we didn't even know it was a cherry tree! This year we'll have some cherries!! :0)


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