Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hitting the jackpot

Most of the time when I go thrifting I find junk. Lot's and lot's of other peoples' junk. But every once in a while I hit the jackpot and today was one of those days! Charlotte and I went while Maddie was at preschool and we found this adorable little hard case suitcase. I knew that Maddie would adore it, and at $3.98 who could pass it up? It seriously is in perfect condition and very clean. And I was right.....she does love it! A direct quote from when she first saw it, "Oh Mama look, a suitcase that's just the right size for me!" When we got home I demonstrated how to push down on the locks so the latches pop open. And then we went over it again and again and again, but now she has it down pat! I also scored a wooden serving bowl and 8 wooden salad bowls, a cool vintage metal candle holder and many many glass jars (the kind with metal latches) that I'm going to use to organize my pantry. It was a good thrifting day!

This evening we spent some time packing up the girls' new suitcase with clothes, toothbrushes and a few toys for the weekend. Dan is leaving tomorrow morning for his parents house for the next 3 days so that grandma and papa get some grand baby time, and I get some relaxing and cleaning the house time. This will probably be the last 3 day weekend that we will be able to do this since Dan's work schedule will be changing next month, so I need to make sure to really get the house clean while at the same time making sure to really relax without kids!! I feel up to the challange and will do my best to accomplish both. I think it will be much more successful than the last time when I was still newly pregnant and feeling really sick. On top of basic cleaning I also plan on organizing and boxing up all of the outgrown clothes from newborn - 5T and then labeling boxes and putting them into attic space where they can be easily accessed. And I'd like to reorganize my pantry, but that is at the very bottom of my list. Wish me luck this weekend! I'll be around to at least post the Food Rules, but I'll also try and update on my cleaning/relaxing status. :o)

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