Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm thirty

Today is my birthday and I am now officially thirty. I've been thinking about this monumental event for a while now....really for the past few birthdays and I always imagined it being different: Bigger. I'm not having a party, not going out of town, not having friends over......I think Dan and I may go out to dinner, but that's only if we can get a babysitter. In reality, at least my reality, today isn't any different than any other day.

Thirty was always my old. Not old in the really old sense, but whenever I met someone and they had their life together and were truly grown up they always were in their thirties, so the big 3-0 was like my BIG age marker. But I don't feel any older than mid twenties. Is this how aging works from here on out.......the number gets bigger but my brain stays stuck at 25? I look in the mirror and my face is older and my life is very much grown up, but I don't feel it.

A few months ago I was feeling depressed about the impending doom of turning thirty. I don't even know why, but just the thought of hitting that third decade mark made me think about death. I guess it's because for the first time in my life I really have so much to live for, and so much to lose if I stop living. That thought alone got me out of my funk and made me realize how very happy I am! I am thirty and I have everything I could have ever wanted or imagined for my life. My very best friend is the person I get to walk through life with and we love and respect each other immensely. My daughters hold my heart in their little hands and I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with them and watch them grow. I have a baby on the way that I'm so looking forward to meeting. I have supportive and loving family and when I married Dan I got even more supportive and loving family. I have a beautiful home and nice things and endless opportunities. I don't think it gets any better than this, and just think......I'm only 30. I have the rest of my life to enjoy my life! Cheers to thirty.

Little Gina circa 1984


Anonymous said...

You have not changed a bit from that picture..... Happy Birthday!

Momma Schultz

Keri, Gary, Abigail and Luke said...

Awesome picture...that's at Disneyland right? I had the same feelings about turning 30...I even went out and bought my first jar of wrinkle cream that day! I mean, didn't it always seem like our moms were just did we get there too? Anyways, hope you have a great birthday...we already know you are in store for another wonderful year!

Becky said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday friend! I'll have to go by the Olive Garden and have some breadsticks to commemorate! :) Also, you look exactly the same and so does your dad!! :)

I'm glad you feel so good about 30. I've had a few friends who did not take it well, and it's good to see that you can look at it as a positive thing! I hope you have a wonderfully relaxed day and fantastic dinner with Dan!!

nicholle said...

Happy birthday girl!! 30 was hard for me but I reading your blog I can understand it wasn't an age thing. I had moved to a new state, had no friends and I HATED my job. I felt like such a loser. I was 30 and I felt worse off than I had when I turned 27!! But now? Well I did a complete 180! I think having kids has soo much to do with it. At least for me. I feel like I have done what I was meant to do. Maybe not all the way yet but my lil Lucas is a great start! So congrats on understanding that you have it all and yea for you for loving every moment of it!!!

Kris10 said...

Happy Birthday my friend and old roomie! So glad that SD brought us together! It's truly a pleasure keeping up with you and your family on our blog, you really do have it all!!! Love you!

amber said...

Hey girl, I miss seeing you and the kids a lot. It seems like all I do is work now. It is nice to be able to look at your blog and to be able to keep up with the you and kids. They are getting so big now. Madeline is growing up so fast and she is so big now, and Charlotte is the size Madeline was the last seen her. Man time flys by! keep in touch and keep me posted with your blog! Miss ya!
Amber Sharpe

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