Monday, April 26, 2010

Landscapers Challenge

When we used to have cable (it's been over a year and a half!!) I loved watching HGTV. It's really the one thing I miss about not having cable. I always liked the Landscapers Challenge show.....see, I've always been interested in gardening and landscaping! :o) Sometimes I wish that we had a big chunk of money that we could use to apply to one of these landscaping shows and let them completely transform our front and back yard. We don't have a big chunk of money, so we're working on the next best thing.....slowly planting flowers and bushes all by ourselves! Now, I'm absolutely not a professional and I had a difficult time picking plants out at Hudson's the other day, but I feel like I did a decent job. I tried to stay diverse in my coloring, I made sure to pick plants that would work in the different sun exposure areas of our yard and I made sure that I didn't pick anything that would grow to be too huge or overwhelming. I think that in the long run very little of what we plant will be purely aesthetic.....I'm trying to make it so that most of what grows on our property is edible and helps to sustain our family, but the few plants we bought for their looks alone are going to be very beautiful!

Hollyhocks and pretty purple flowers
We have 2 pots, one on each side of the stairs

Front garden bed
Dan dug up the old bushes we had there
We still need to put red wood mulch down
We have hydrangeas, hostas, a Japanese maple and a purple flowering ground covering plant

I seriously think hydrangeas are the most beautiful flowers!
Purple hydrangeas

Pink hydrangeas

Japanese fringe maple

2 blackberry & 2 raspberry bushes
We're going to mulch around these as well

Roundish bed next to our driveway
Dwarf gardenias and rose bushes, some poofy yellow flowering plant and a few white flowering plants

Yellow poofy plant

dwarf roses....they look very old fashioned!

Look what I found Mama! :o)

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