Friday, April 30, 2010

Love Happens

I watched the movie Love Happens tonight. I had heard absolutely nothing about this movie....which isn't that abnormal since I don't watch tv, and we don't go to the movies and see previews. But, Redbox had it and I figured why not?! Anyway, it turned out to be a really cute movie, I cried.....which isn't abnormal since I'm the pregnant. While watching the movie I thought to myself how great the soundtrack was, I had to think it to myself instead of saying it out loud because there is no one here to listen to me but the dogs.....and frankly, they just don't care. Once the movie ended I hopped on google and found the soundtrack line up and then youtubed the artists. By far my favorite (and also the artist I devoted the most time to) was Priscilla Ahn. Her voice is angelic, her sound reminds me of a female Bob Dylan mixed with a little Eva Cassidy and someone else I can't quite put my finger on.....someone vintage. I could listen to her all day! I am going to throw her CD into my already bulging Amazon shopping cart.....sorry honey! :o) I really need something new to listen to, and I think that Priscilla Ahn is it! Here's a taste.


Becky said...

You are the pregnant! (I don't know if that was a typo, and if it was, I'm sorry for pointing it out.....but it did make me giggle. :) )

Gremlina said...

just stopping by. a few months ago i posted this: (note a linky in the middle somewhere). Anyway, great minds... ;) I guess I'll have to check out the movie now!

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