Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This and that gardening

This blog really should have been posted about 2 weeks ago, but you know......it's been busy and I'm not always on the ball! Dan finished the big mama garden bed and we got our blueberry bushes planted in there. Since then, we filled the bed up with cucumbers, green peppers, squash, gourmet lettuce and 4 rows of corn. Everything seems to be growing really well and I'm excited to watch the corn grow since this is my first experience with the lovely grass. Also since these pictures were taken, Dan has built 3 more garden boxes! I'll have to do a super garden bonanza update with all the things we've accomplished recently.

Dan the working man


Blueberry plants getting a drink

The girls have been spending a LOT of time outside. Sometimes we're outside all day long. They are getting really good at playing together and not needing constant supervision or attention. They make up games, hunt for bugs, pick unripe mulberries off our trees, play on the swing set and of course always get soaking wet somehow. I love spending these long days outside all together doing our own thing, or all working together on the same things. I think the girls have been enjoying themselves as well!

Strawberries! I am so excited about my strawberry plants. We bought 50 plants last year but never even got them in the ground because of the move. This year we ordered another 50 and a cool pyramid to grow them in. It's supposed to save space which we don't necessarily need, but it was nice for Dan not to have to build another raised bed. They are growing so well and I already have some flowers blooming.....I doubt we'll have a great crop this year, but we should have some and I can't wait to pick juicy red strawberries from my own back yard!

Dan spent a day burning all of the yard waste we had sitting around from last year when he battled against the kudzu. He won just in case you were curious, but it did leave a lot of vines and branches sitting around and cutting them into 2 foot sections and bundling them up for trash pick up seemed like a lot more work than burning it all. We also had our Christmas tree to dispose of since we missed the trash pick up day for that. What's better than a 7 foot tall bonfire? I'm really surprised that our neighbors didn't call the fire department on us, or some town compliance official, but we got through the entire day without any disturbance and we got all of the yard waste burned up and the ash is currently composting in our big compost heap.

The girls had fun playing in the ashes.
Don't worry......this was a few days later, so they weren't hot at all

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