Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Two posts in one day? Oh, yes! I just wanted to share my mini harvest from this morning. I picked three cobbs of corn.....I also got more cucumbers which brings the number in my fridge somewhere close to 20 and I picked a very lovely dark yellow squash, both of which I didn't deem important enough to share pics. I am really excited about my corn though! It doesn't look perfect like the corn you buy in the store, although it's a different variety from the mainstream monoculture, GMO, pesticide glazed corn that you would buy at the store too. Biased much?!? Yes! I have a feeling that it's not going to taste very good because let's face it, I know nothing to very little about growing and harvesting corn. It seemed a little too early to pick them, but the silks were drying out and falling off which would indicate that it was time to yank them. I don't think they pollinated very well, so next year I'm going to try something different with where I plant them and see if that helps. At this point I figure that anything that I get from my garden that is edible is a big bonus since this is my first year! Rome wasn't built in a day and gardening know-how isn't acquired in one measly season. Plus, I'm already ahead of my goals because we've had lot's of yummy goodies to eat from the garden! Positive thinking. I'll let ya know how the corn turns out!

I cut off the top parts because they didn't look very appetizing.

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