Wednesday, August 11, 2010

From spit up stains to groovy

Most of the baby clothes that I own have been through 2 kids.....and in many cases 3 kids because my sister in law borrowed stuff for my niece. After the love of 3 children there were many items that were sad looking and stained, mostly right in the front from spit up. Typically the yucky throw up look would render these items unusable, at least in my book, but I decided to try and breathe new life back into them with some groovy tie dyeing! And it totally worked out beautifully! You can't see any discoloration anymore, and the baby clothes are colorful, fun and funky! I really like how they all turned out.

I find it really amusing how things change from the first child to the second child. With Maddie I had all of these cute matching outfits, little baby jeans, multi-piece ensembles.....most things pretty uncomfortable if you really think about it. Once Charlotte came along and life got more complicated with another being in our home, I dumped the trendy outfits and she wore comfy one and two piece outfits and stayed in jammies most of the time. I imagine with a third child he/she will be lucky to get dressed at all! lol So these tie dyed onesies and shirts will come in really handy! A shirt, a cloth diaper and a pair of babylegs.....who needs anything else? :o)

While I was dyeing baby clothing I went ahead and dyed some of my cotton terry fitted diapers. They were a creamy white (boring) before I got my hands on them, and now they are cheerful and rainbowy and they make me happy. It's so much more fun using fun colorful diapers than boring ol' plain white ones. And before anyone gets concerned about the health of a baby bum in a dyed diaper, I used professional dyes that fuse to the fibers in the material and it does not bleed. I didn't use gloves while I was dyeing and I didn't get one bit of dye on my hands, and there was no bleeding when the diapers or clothes were rinsed or washed......and I've washed everything 4 or 5 times because I was paranoid, and the water was never even tinted! It is safe for the bum!

So, instead of throwing out old baby clothes that are stained, buy some dye and get your creative on! It's much more cost effective and it's FUN! :o)

Some things turned out pretty pink looking and some purple too.
Those ones will be good for a girl, and I'll just pack them away if we have a boy!

A rainbow of diapers

Doesn't this make you happy?
It almost makes me look forward to changing dirty diapers!

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Cheryl said...

The clothes are adorable, but I'm seriously drooling over those diapers. They look great!
(I found your blog via DS)

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