Friday, December 3, 2010


My Thanksgiving day was pretty action packed, but only in the crazy busy, flying across the country kind of way. I didn't have any festivities in North Carolina and I barely had any festivities once I arrived (6:30) in California. I did get a reheated plate of turkey day food and that tasted pretty good after traveling all day! My mom also made a delicious second Thanksgiving dinner the Saturday after the big eating holiday, which was very much appreciated!

Before I left for California the girls had a special Thanksgiving feast at their preschool. They were so very excited and I was looking forward to getting out of the house. Well, about 10 minutes after arriving at the school and listening to Maddie's class sing a few songs, Eleanor projectile vomited all over herself and me. It could have been an easy clean up if it hadn't been down the inside of my shirt. Luckily Maddie's teacher had an extra shirt there.....a long sleeved denim shirt which thankfully covered up the fact that I was not wearing a bra since my nursing tank top was covered in puke. So, I get the girls some food, settle down to eat and after a few minutes realized that the entire front of my shirt was covered in breast milk. Downside to being without a pads to catch leaky milk. Needless to say the feast was over for this mama! I left the girls at school to finish their party and I took Eleanor home. We both changed clothes and were back just in time to pick Maddie and Charlotte up and take them home. I'm glad I was able to snap a few shots before the stomach explosion happened!!

Oh, the trials of motherhood.

Maddie's Indian name was Little Smiley

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