Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First snow of the season

I remember when I first moved to North Carolina.....I wanted it to snow SO badly! The first 2 winters we basically got no snow. The third year we got a little bit of snow, but nothing to really play in. (although Maddie was a baby and I probably wouldn't have gone outside to play by myself anyway!) But from the fourth year on we have had at least one GOOD snow every winter and last year we got 2! I don't know what's going on with the climate and global warming, but it appears that things are getting colder here in NC, not warmer. :o) This year has gotten to a great snowed the first week in December and the day after Christmas we got around 9 inches. Way more than enough to play in! I'm glad that Dan was home this snow day, in the past he has had to work and I am left to dress, play, undress and clean up all on my own and as much as I love to look at snow, I'm not a huge fan of being outside IN the snow. So daddy played with the girls outside and helped them to make a snowman while mama and baby Eleanor stayed warm and cozy inside and watched the fun. I did go out once the baby went down for a nap so that I could snap some photos and my darling husband managed to throw a couple snowballs at me! I'm hoping that we get at least one more snow storm this winter.....a couple more would be awesome! Everything looks so much prettier with a layer of snow covering it. And if its going to be so flippin' cold, we might as well get some snow!

Winter wonderland

Snow bunny Charlotte

Start of a snowman

Roll that snowball!

Being forced to pose with her snowman....
Yes, I'm mean

Proud Charlie

Makin' snowballs

Eatin' snowflakes

Nothing growing in our garden lol


Water slide.......nah
SNOW slide!!

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