Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weeks ten and eleven

Pictures from weeks 10 and 11. The week before and the week during Christmas. Cheeks are filling in and getting even more kissable, Eleanor smiling more and more, the weather was really cold so she spent much time wearing blankets. I need to remind myself to take more naked pictures of the baby, with the cold weather she stays covered up pretty much all the time. I'm loving the side shots of her because they show all her chin chub and her HUGE cheeks. And yes, they are as delicious to kiss as they look! :o) I feel like my editing is looking a bit wonky in the color.....I'm using a new computer and having to get used to how things look. Let me know if the pics are weird looking.

Smiles for daddy

Mouth bubbles

Oh my, the chub is incredible!


Anonymous said...

i miss you.
life is so hard.
i can't even write.
i feel like you're the only person that knows what i'm going through.
i know it will pass.
i made an appt with a therapist.
and with the breast feeding i don't want to take anything.
hope you're good.

geetabean said...

Did you delete your facebook page? I want to write you! My email is Write me with your email address so I can contact you! Or call me 980-254-7965.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking medication while breastfeeding.....zoloft, prozac and Paxil have all been studied on lactating women and are safe. It is better for you to be taking anti depressants even while breastfeeding than it is for you to suffer through PPD without help! Talk to the therapist about meds, or go see your doctor. Just being on them a short time might help you tremendously!!

This will pass, but I know that it feels so horrible right now. Ask for help from everyone you can, take time for yourself even if it feels selfish! You need to take care of yourself, and you need to let others take care of you.

Get in touch with me....I have some other suggestions for you!

County McCounterson