Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Practice makes perfect

We had soccer practice yesterday. It was the first one in over two has been a rainy spring! Maddie was very excited to get out on the field and this time they even let Charlotte participate a little bit which she LOVED! I really enjoy what soccer has brought to our family. We all go to practices and games and it gives us time together. Maddie always asks if we are all going to be there and I think it makes her feel more secure and loved that we make the effort to cheer her on and participate as much as we do. One of the joys of the 4 year old league is that parents are encouraged to get out on the field during practice and games. We are having a lot of fun and I really love watching Maddie blossom and grow as she learns the game of soccer.....she's getting really good too! She made a goal at the last game and is getting so good at dribbling, but even better than that, she is getting confident!

Charlotte being a little mama
picking something off Ellie's face

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