Thursday, June 16, 2011

Everyone loves a carnival

One of my most favorite things about going to the beach actually has nothing to do with sand or water. It's the CARNIVAL. Or at least that is what my girls have renamed it. Family Kingdom is an amusement and water park on the beach. We've never done the water part of it because the girls are too small, but every summer we go to the carnival. The girls adore it! It's usually hot when we get there and the sun is beating down on us, but by the time the sun goes down it is lovely. We always get wrist bands so we can go on unlimited rides and we spend a good 4-5 hours doing exactly that. This year Charlotte was tall enough to go on a lot more of the rides and boy, did she love that! Maddie as always is my fast ride fanatic and was ready to get whipped around on spinning rides with me. Those kinds of rides make Dan sick and just like my daughter, I love I am the designated rider. I really like that the beach & the carnival have become another one of those traditions that we do every year. It really amazed me that Maddie totally remembered going last year and asked if we would be able to go again this year! I always really enjoyed those traditional things that we did every year as a family when I was growing up. Those are the times that stand out in my memory the most. And hopefully we are cultivating those same types of fond memories with our girls!

These are not in chronological order. We were there from about 5:00-9:30.

Maddie was not tall enough for these swings,
but she is pretty sure that she will be next year!
She's ready!!

This was the dorkiest roller coaster ever, but both girls LOVED it
I think they went on it 3 or 4 times!

Sticking her tongue out at daddy

Spinning strawberry
Yes, the girls were on here with me!

Can you see Charlotte's face?
She was laughing hysterically!

Not much for Ellie to do, but she was an angel the whole time

This is the Hurricane.
I'm pretty sure it was both girls favorite ride.
Charlotte likes the fast ones too!

This one is not from the carnival but it's cute!
On the day we left to come home
Eleanor was scooting around on the floor
and got stuck because of the ottoman leg

and then she fell asleep! :o)

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